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Teary Eyes, Teary Skies. I Love You

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Yeah. Long day, but I managed to get this written. Probobly at most five more chapters, but they will be long. Don't worry. :]

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Chapter 14- Teary Eyes, Teary Skies. I Love You

Valentines Day

Light rain pelted against the window as dark clouds mixed in the sky, the sun hidden in the mist of Mother Nature's fury. I took in a deep breath and moved my knees a little closer to my chest, sitting on the attic window seat. It was the attic that stood high above any other house in my neighborhood, and gave me the slightest view of the city.

I took a slow blink and watched as the street lights flickered on along with people's porch lights. A taxi zoomed by and it splashed water onto the sidewalk, washing away leaves and pebbles from my neighbor's front yard. It had been like this every time I had come home, rainy and cold. Not a normal Arizonan feature. But, it reminded me of what we were all going through, and in a way it was calming. Resting my chin on my hand and looked beyond the sky and tried to scope out the stars, failing.

"Lexi?" My ears perked at my name and I turned my head to where the attic pull down stairs were, the latch open, catching only the slightest light from downstairs.

Throwing my legs over the seat I placed my bare feet on the cold wood floor and padded the distance to glance down. I pushed the glasses I was wearing higher to see just half a body, clad in tight dark jeans and converse. Shaking my head lightly I smirked.

"I can only see your pants, stranger," they stepped forward and I took a deep breath.

"Hi Lexi," I smiled.

"Hi Pete," He took a step towards the stairs and tilted his head up again.

"Can I come up?" I nodded and turned back around, pulling my two-sizes-too big sweatshirt on tighter and sighed, taking a seat back at the window. A couple second later Pete padded across the room, taking his shoes off in the process.

"Hey," he breathed again and fell next to me, leaning against the window.

"Hey yourself," I replied and looked at him. Smiling I reached over and poked his stomach. "You're eating," I mentioned and Pete let out a dry laugh.

"I am," he sighed after this and bit his lip.

"What brings you here...I'd expect you to be home right now," Pete laughed a little.

"Home doesn't feel like home anymore," he whispered and I raised an eyebrow.

"Why?" I asked. Pete sighed again and slumped deeper into the seat.

"Because Tessa left," Inside I laughed, outside tears brimmed my eyes and I had no idea why. Pete shook his head and continued. "The baby wasn't even mine...and she was ashamed, so she left without really saying goodbye," Looking away I wrung my hands together and took a deep breath.

"I'm surprised you're not depressed," Pete shrugged.

"I understand this time around...and nothing was my fault," I slowly nodded and stood, crossing the room and opening a box. Pete followed me and I handed him the rather large shoebox. He winced and laughed.

"What do you keep in here?" I shoved him towards the stairs and motioned him to go down.

Meeting him downstairs in the living room, I sat down on in the corner of the couch and pulled a throw blanket over my legs and patted the space next to me. Pete had managed to claw onto me like a freaking Koloa and was literally holding on, arms around my middle and legs thrown over my legs, head on my shoulder.

I shook my head and opened the box to reveal tons of photos and show memorabilia. Pete grabbed towards one and I laughed looking at it. Before we had even really met, I had gotten the chance to get backstage at a Fall Out Boy concert and had bumped into Pete, and ironically took a picture with him. Blushing Pete nudged me and looked up.

"See, even back then we made a cute..." he stopped midway and I shook my head, pushing the box off of my lap and slid down further in the couch, pulling the blanket higher, to my shoulders.

Pete watched for a minute and grabbed for my glasses and placed them on the coffee table before crawling under the covers and hugging me.

"You still come crawling back," I whispered and he smirked.

"Because I know you still love me,"


Latter on, more like midnight, I woke and slicked into the kitchen while Pete slept on the couch to get something to eat. I opened the freezer and laughed.

I decided to pop the vegetable Lasagna in the oven and hoped up on the counter to see my phone flashing. I picked it up and laughed hearing Heather giggling.

"Lexi, help me pick baby names," I looked at the clock on the oven.

"At one A.M. in the morning?" Heather laughed.

"Yeah," she paused and sighed. "One's a boy, one's a girl," I smirked and heard footsteps behind me.

Turning slightly I saw Pete with a light smile on his face, hoodie discarded and hair a complete mess. I put the phone on speakerphone and shook my head.

"Well, you could always name one after Patrick," Heather giggled.

"No, no...the name continuation thing is in Pete's family, save it for when you have his kids," I blushed and Pete wiggled his eyebrows.

"That sounds nice," Heather gasped.

"Is he there now? Lexi, you whore...Pete then William then Pete again? What next..." she paused as I covered my mouth, stifling my laughs. "Travis? Brandon? JOE?!" I burst out laughing and held onto the counter as Heather lightly giggled.

"Heather, you have nothing to worry about," she sighed and I looked over at the timer. "Name one..." Pete spoke up.

"Name one after me," Heather sighed again and we heard Patrick in the background saying something along the lines of 'fuck no'.

"Nope, something original," I opened the freezer again and laughed.

"Name one cream and the other puff," Heather annoyingly grunted and hung up.

"Cream and puff?" Pete asked and I shrugged closing the door again.

"I'm not good with those kinds of things, for crying out loud, my name is Lexus Ann Starr," Pete smiled. "Named after a freaking car, and then the stars," Pete raised a finger.

"But I have a double middle name and 'the third' so shut up," I rolled my eyes and heard the timer go off.

Turning around I grabbed the Lasagna and cut two pieces placing them on plates. Pete smiled taking his and proceeded to sit on the counter again.

"When do we start that giant show thing Patrick was concocting?" I asked and Pete swallowed his food before explaining.

"Uhh, that's why I'm in town," I nodded and he smirked.

"First show is in a week and it's up in New York," Sighing I finished my food and was followed by Pete up my stairs and into my giant bedroom only to see a small fluffy black thing on my bed.

Walking over I sat next to it and it twitched, revealing a long haired black cat. I looked back at Pete and he smiled sheepishly.

"Happy Valentines Day?" I smirked and picked the kitten up and pressed my nose to it's. "It's a boy," he commented and I thought for a moment.

"I'll name you Robert Smith," Pete laughed and I put the kitty cat down before grabbing a sharpie and walking over to the calendar and waiting.

"February 24th?" I asked and Pete hummed a yes, climbing into the bed on one side. "Are we playing the Rainbow room?" I asked excitedly and Pete nodded with his eyes closed.

I smiled widely and looked down to see Robert rubbing up against my legs. Bending down, I picked him up and climbed into bed, placing him on my chest.

"He's cute," I whispered.

"Who? Another Fueled By Ramen bandie?" I sighed and rolled over.

"No...Robert Smith," Pete smirked.

"He's too old for you, and he's married..."
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