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Love In The Form Of Rain Drops

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we may have a bit of a delema. writing this made me cry. the next few, which are the last few, will probobly make me and you both cry. it's hard writing in Lexi's POV because she's just so emotion...

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Chapter 15- Love In The Form Of Rain Drops

I woke up to hearing raindrops hitting the window in a hypnotizing manner, lightly and only every few seconds. Sighing I sat up and turned to see Pete still lying there fully dressed with Petey under his arm. Smiling I stood up and walked into the conjoining bathroom, running the sink and splashing my face with cold water.

Widening my eyes at fast footsteps, I watched through the mirror as Pete ran behind me and fell in front of the toilet and upchucked ahem, /a lot/. I pouted a bit and turned the sink off before falling next to him and rubbing his back slightly as he shook and practically gagged himself.

"Shit," he mumbled and I tilted my head to see him wiping his mouth with his wrist.

"Pete, what's wrong? I should be puking, not you," Pete kind of blankly looked at me and I smirked. "I'm the female and I'm the one who's sexually active,"


Pete made that gesture and sound of ready to throw up again and turned his head again, bowing it into the porcelain.

"Sorry," I whispered.

Pete raised a limp arm and flushed before gripping the bathroom counter hoisting himself up and washed his hands, still slightly swaying. Bold move on my part, but I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist half way tight and rested pretty much my whole body against him, and sighed.

"Feel better, ok? We have a show to do...and I need help around the house today," Pete smirked and lightly grasped my arms and I closed my eyes.


While ditching my 'chores' I sat on the couch, leaned up against the giant arm of it. This couch was /huge/. Smiling I closed my eyes and felt little Robert Smith crawl onto the couch and snuggle up by my stomach. My phone beeped and I reached down, answering it and sitting up.

"Sir William Beckett," he smirked and answered back.

"Lady Lexus Starr," I smiled and watched as Robert hopped down and walked off to the kitchen.

"When you coming up to New York?" he asked and I shrugged to myself.

"Probably within the next few days, you miss me?" I asked and heard William smirk.

"Yeah, a lot actually," I smiled to myself and raised a hand to grip my necklace, another nervous habit.

"Miss you,"


"Love you," I closed my eyes, knowing that would eventually come up in the relationship.

More footsteps.

"Love you too," I whispered.

Footsteps stop.

Slightly turning around, I saw Pete with a grim look on his now pale face and looking down at the cat that brushed against his calves. I slightly smiled and turned back around, tearing up already.

Damn my emotions.

"Come out early, I wanna see you," Biting my lip, I nodded to myself.

"That sounds great,"


I sat quietly in the passenger seat and rain pelted down faster and faster, the blurred images from outside my window passing the car as we zoomed by, on our way to Heather's house, Pete driving.

He would cough or sneeze every few minutes but I paid no attention as I kept the side of my head pressed against the widow, feet on the dashboard and my arms wrapped tightly around me. Taking a breath I reached for the heater and turned it on to fight the cold I could feel seeping though the glass.

"I take a right when I get to Rural, right?" Pete asked suddenly and I looked up at the street signs and laughed.

"We are no where near Rural, Pete," he sighed and pulled off to the side of the road, on the giant stone bridge that separated my town from the city. It was hardly used, and in this weather, it was even rarer.

"Great...lost again," I smirked.

"You should have let me drive," he nodded before resting his head against the steering wheel as one car passed by, the water from the street splashing the side of the car. I bit my lip and closed my eyes.

"So you love him," I widened my eyes.


"William, you love him," I turned my head to see Pete looking serious and I shook my head.

"I don't need this," I whispered and gripped the door handle, forgetting about the rain. Pete raised an eyebrow and I shook my head.

"You're only lying to yourself," Glaring for a second, I stepped out of the car and slammed the door behind me.

Only two seconds later I heard the other side open and close, splashing footsteps following me as I walked towards the end of the bridge. Blinking hard I shivered against the rain and felt two hands grip me and twirl me around.

"I hate getting caught in the rain," he muttered and I laughed almost in a mad way.

"This is the most horrible de ja vu of my life," I muttered back and he shook his head.

"Still, don't get mad at me please, I're the one who left me in that hotel room," I think you could say it was only fair that in that spilt second, my hand made contact with his face, stunning him for only a second.

"You are despicable and whoever told you that boys like you were over-rated, they were damn right," I breathed and shook my head. "You should save your breath,"

Pete stared at me for a long time before looking down at the ground, raindrops catching on his face and eyelashes as he blinked and moved his head around. I sighed again and head another car slow down next to us. Turning my head for only a second, I widened my eyes.

"Lexi, Jesus Christ, what the hell?" I breathed.

Aiden was officially my angel sent from heaven. I walked over to the window and laughed.

"Can you take me to your house?" I asked and he raised an eyebrow.

"What about Pete?" he asked in a whisper. I turned around and he looked up.

"He can take care of himself,"
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