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Don't Say It's Over

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This is a bit confusing, but I'll update later tonight. I have to fix the next chapter. It's so long and it's also very, very sad. Well, this is kind of sad as well, but yeah.

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Chapter 16- Don't Say It's Over

As the last band played I sat at the table we had in the back of the room, Stan across from me and Clover to my right. I smiled as Stan gripped my hand and played with my knuckles.

" seem so depressed lately," I nodded.

"Things just never seem to go according to plan," Clover sighed.

"Did you hear about Aloe?" I perked my ears up.

"What about her?" I got my answer as she walked over hand-in-hand with.

Drum roll please!


"Yay!" I smiled and Aloe bit her lip turning into him.

"Shut up Lexi," I shook my head and Clover smirked as they sat down with us.

"Now all we need is for Lexi to smile and Pete to start eating," I sighed and looked down.

"It's not my fault," I muttered and Joe shook his head.

"Now he's the one that's totally out of it," I nodded.

"I know," Aloe tilted her head to one side.

"He loves you," I nodded.

"I know," Clover nudged me.

"He's jealous of Beckett," I rolled my eyes and sighed again.

"I know," Stan shook his head, letting my hand go.

"You seem to know a lot..." I nodded.

"I know," Clover rolled her eyes.

"Whatever," she perked up. "Go talk to William, maybe he has some advice," I nodded.



I ended up going back to the hotel instead of talking to anybody else. So there I lie, staring up at the ceiling and thinking of anything I could.

My ears perked up as I heard another card slide through the door and the beeping of it being accepted. A slender silhouette appeared at the foot of my bed and I raised a hand to wave.

"You kinda left us there, didn't you?" William asked and I smirked, nodding as he sat down next to my body, cross-legged. Taking a deep breath I turned my head to one side to look up at him and pursed my lips together.

"Pete loves me," I breathed and William nodded.

"I know," I smirked.

"That's what I said," William grabbed one of my hands and lied down next to me, facing me on one side
"Now you just have to ask yourself if you love him," I bit my lip.

"I don't, I love you," William shook his head.

"You're only telling yourself that, babes," I smirked at the nickname.

"I don't want to risk being hurt again," he shook his head again and brought me in a close hug.

"He doesn't want to risk losing out on something wonderful," I smiled into his shoulder.

"Did he really say that?" I asked in a whisper and William nodded.

"He poured his heart out back stage after you guys played the first song, you know," I nodded.

"The one that pretty much was for him," He nodded and sighed, shaking his head.

"That man is one desperado," I laughed lightly and snuggled closer.

"I love Pete," William nodded and kissed my temple.

"I know, but he needs to know that," Biting my lip, I nodded.





Pete stared blankly at the piece of paper and his hand shook as he thought of what to say. The wind and rain roared from outside his room and he bit his lip thinking of what everybody was doing at the moment. Looking back at the blank piece of paper, he nodded and started writing.

Patrick- I love you
Andy- I love you
Joe- I love you
Dirty- I love you
Aloe- I love you
Freeda- I love you
Heather- I love you
Clover- I love you

Pete bit his lip and placed the pen down extending a shaking hand to the bottle that sat next to him. Standing up, he walked over to his bed and sat down looking down at it.

Ativan- take one a day


I sat up in bed and looked around, seeing William still lying in the bed, sleeping. I bit my lip and shook my head, waking him up.

"Huh?" he asked and I shook my head.

"William, something is wrong," I whispered and he sat up next to me, with a curious look.

"What? Are you ok?" I nodded.

"I'm fine...Pete's not...I don't know what's going on, but I can feel something is wrong," William stared at me for a long time before nodding.

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