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An Old Friend

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A familiar face

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None of the five agents knew what to expect. Would there be shouts, screams? A fight, maybe? How long until security heard them, and then what? Where would they run? Who would escape? Slowly, they all turned around, expecting the worst.

"Delilah? Julius?"

The two fugitives could hardly believe their eyes. It was Dr Vicarton! Of all the ferries, motor-homes, and provinces in the world, the doctor happened to be on this one. And they happened to chose her vehicle.

"When I heard about the Academy on the news ... I never believed it for a second, I knew you weren't terrorists!" Dr Vicarton explained. "And now you're running. Where are you going?"

Delilah shrugged. "We've no idea, we just need to get out of Nova Scotia. If it's not asking too much ..."

The doctor read her mind. "Of course I'll help you. Anything to prove the Academy's innocence. Coincidentally, when we get to New Brunswick, I'm flying to Calgary, after staying in a campground for a few days."

Nosey sat down on a chair. "You've no idea what a relief this is," he sighed. "What did the news say about the Academy?"

"That you were in cahoots with a terrorist organization known as ACE, and you were ready to launch a nuclear bomb at Parliament Hill. As for you guys, you're said to be dangerous, and there's a $20,000 reward for each of you."

Emmet moaned. "That's just perfect! We're $100,000 with legs!"

Dr Vicarton nodded sympathetically. "I know. It's not just the police after you anymore, the whole country's out to get you. Though, there are lots of protesters, insisting the Academy has nothing to do with ACE."

"And it doesn't!" Julius said firmly. "Question: when we get to New Brunswick, how are we going to get on a plane? The airport will be crawling with police officers, once they figure out we've skipped town - er, province."

Dr Vicarton smiled. "I own a private jet now, thanks to you. After all the interviews and talk shows I was paid to attend, I was able to buy my own plane."

Suddenly, the ferry lurched forward, sending the trailer occupants flying to their knees. Nosey's stomach growled. "Man, I could really use some grub. How do we get any?"

Dr Vicarton was only too happy to volunteer.


[Ferry Foodcourt - 20 minutes until arrival]

"... and one order of jumbo fires. That's it, thank you," Dr Vicarton was saying to the cashier.

He blinked twice at her. "That's an awful lot of food, ma'am. Who's it for?"

"My kids," she lied. "They haven't eaten yet today. We traveled from the North."

The man nodded understandingly. "That's $28.52, miss. Have a good day."

When the doctor was walking away with her order, she noticed the young man talking to the manager. Maybe he hadn't bought her kids story after all ...

"Burgers!" Julius whispered as their food entered the motor-home. "We haven't eaten all day!"

As the fugitives attacked the food, Dr Vicarton shouted above the hubbub. "Guys. Guys!" There was a momentary lull in food consumption. "I think the food guy suspects something. He was - ah, don't even think about it!" Nosey put down the fry he had tried to sneak into his mouth. "He was looking at me funny and said something to his boss. I'm worried that -"

The words faded on her lips as a heavy knock sounded from the door.

"This is security! Open up!"
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