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Safe Haven

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"You guys should ..." Dr Vicarton turned around, but found herself facing air.

Her five fugitives had vanished - except for Ursula, who was pressed against the wall, so the door would hide her when opened.

"Security! Open up!"

"Uh, coming!" Dr Vicarton called back. She opened the door, a big grin plastered on her features. "Can I help you, sir?"

The plump security guard walked into the motor-home, glaring around. "I got a tip from a cashier that you bought an awful lot of food ... for 'kids'. Where are these kids?"

Dr Vicarton had her answer ready. "My oldest daughter took them to walk around the ferry. Never been on one before, you see. God knows where they are." She chuckled fondly.

Nodding, the officer replied, "If you don't mind, I'll just have a look around. Can't be too careful."

Delilah looked at the guard from the tiny crack in the cupboard she was hiding in, above the sink. It was a tight squeeze, and really uncomfortable, but desperate times ...

"What's up there?" the man asked, indicating Delilah's hiding spot.

Dr Vicarton shrugged. "Just pots and pans and whatnot. Do you really think someone could hide up there, sir?"

He smirked. "You're right, it's too small."

A loud snore echoed through the silence. The security man indicated the bedroom. "Who's in there?"

"That's my husband." The doctor replied, praying he wouldn't check it out. "He doesn't like to be disturbed."

Staring suspiciously at Dr Vicarton, the officer advanced on the sleeping "husband". In fact, the person who lay beneath the blankets was Nosey. He had panicked and dived into the bed, not knowing where to hide.

"Let's just take a peak - Woah!" the man held a hand to his nose. "What's that smell?"

The doctor shrugged again. "I don't know. Uh, Bob has a problem with odours."

Security Man backed away from Nosey, gagging. "Sorry about the intrusion, ma'am, but with those five criminals on the loose ..."

Dr Vicarton nodded understandingly. "I see, sir. But no agents hiding here, eh?"

The guard smiled as he hauled his fat bulk out of the trailer. "Good day, ma'am."

As soon as he was a good distance away, Dr Vicarton rounded on Nosey, who was climbing out of the bedsheets. "Nosey, you fool! Do you realize how close that was?"

Ursula snickered. "His odour saves him again."

Delilah, Julius and Emmet hopped out of their hiding places; Emmet behind the garbage in a cupboard, and Julius from on top of the motor-home.

Nosey sauntered up to the doctor, a smug grin on his face. "So, I'm your husband, eh?"

Dr Vicarton pushed him away. "Get over it, Nosey, it was to save your butt. But apparently, your smell did it for you."


[New Brunswick - campground]

The five agents were getting bored. They had been cooped up in the motor-home for hours. Dutch Blitz and Uno got boring after playing them twelve times in a row.

"Can't we just pop out for a minute?" Ursula whined.

"Only if you don't mind being hauled off to jail," Delilah answered. "Uno. I win again. Crud, this is boring."

Dr Vicarton skipped into the trailer, smiling gaily. "Guess what? The pilot of my jet has come down with the flu!"

"That's good?" Emmet questioned.

"For you, yes." she replied. "I trust that at least one of you knows how to fly a plane?"

Julius grinned. "I get it. That means we can leave early. Like, today!"

"Awesome!" Emmet hopped to his feet. "What are we waiting for? Let's blow this Popsicle stand!"

Dr Vicarton sat in the driver's seat. "I knew you'd say that. In fact, I just checked out. Next stop - Calgary!"


[New Brunswick - just outside private landing strip]

"What do you mean I'm not authorized to take off?" Dr Vicarton shouted to the two guards posted outside the gate to the landing strip where her jet was parked. "I own this jet!"

"Sorry, miss, but no one's allowed to take off. Those five terrorists are still at large, and we're afraid they've left Nova Scotia."

Dr Vicarton sighed moodily. "Fine, but you'll be hearing from me."

She drove away from the road until the guards were out of sight. She turned to face her passengers. "Well, now what?"

Nosey spoke in something barely over a whisper. "I'll get caught."

"What?" Delilah cried. "No, Nosey, you can't! We'll find some other way!"

"No, Delilah." Nosey argued. "I'll distract them, so you can take off. You don't really need me to locate ACE HQ, do you?"

Julius grasped Nosey's shoulder. "That doesn't mean we'll sacrifice you to get out of here."

"I'm going to do this guys. You can't stop me."

With that, Nosey hopped out of the motor-home and raced across the road. There were shouts, and a few seconds later, the two guards were racing after him.

Dr Vicarton did a U-turn and raced full-speed at the gate. It stood no chance against the powerful vehicle. The five passengers hopped out and rushed inside the jet. Julius took the wheel while the others strapped in.

He shook his head as the jet took off. How many more agents would share the same fate as Nosey?
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