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Make Like a Banana

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Sometimes promises need to be broken ...

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[TV News report]

"Three of the five escaped terrorists have now been caught. The first one was arrested in New Brunswick, and the other two just outside of Calgary, Alberta. This leads Canadian authorities to believe that the two remaining fugitives are hiding out in the city.

"A Dr Vicarton was arrested as her private jet landed at the Calgary airport. She has been linked to helping the last two terrorists escape police custody. The police tell us that the reward on the last two criminals has been upped to $40,000 each, alive. If you have any information on this case, please call the following number ..."


[Southwest Calgary]

It was raining heavily. Two people stood staring at the televisions on display. When the news switched over, the taller of the two spoke.

"Poor Dr Vicarton ..."

Delilah nodded sadly. "And now it's a $40,000 reward. It's not going to be easy, getting to Vancouver,"

"It never was," Julius reminded her.

Suddenly, he pulled Delilah into a dark alley. She was about to question him when a police car cruised by.

"That was close," Delilah murmured.

Julius looked up at the sky. "Looks like we're in for a thunder storm tonight. We need to find some place to stay ..."

"The Drop-In Centre?" she suggested.

"Too risky. And imagine how much homeless people would give for $80,000. We should probably camp out under a bridge or something."


[Later that night]

Two hours later, Delilah and Julius came across a bridge running over the Bow River. It was unoccupied, so that was a bonus. The two appeared to be homeless people to cars passing by. No one gave them a second glance.

Delilah took off the raincoat she had "borrowed" from a store and shook it off. Julius did the same. It wasn't as cold as they had expected, but it was still cold. Delilah leaned against the concrete and watched as water hit water. She couldn't help but wonder if this was how they'd live the rest of their lives. What if they didn't find anything in Vancouver? Where would they go from there? They would be forced to live their whole lives as criminals, always running ... never stopping ...

A hand gently touched her shoulder. She around to see Julius sitting beside her, his face showing concern. "Are you OK?"

She nodded, but it was a lie. How could she ever be all right when they were being hunted like dogs for a crime they didn't commit? Why had this happened?

Julius hugged her softly, then made to rise. Delilah grasped his wrist. "Don't leave ..."

She pulled herself into his chest. Julius looked a bit alarmed at first, but then relaxed. He couldn't bare to see her like this, sad and frightened. This wasn't how she was meant to live. He stroked her damp hair gently until she slipped away into slumber.


[Next morning]

When Delilah woke up, she was still snuggled into Julius' chest. She looked up at his face, only to find him still sleeping. Delilah stood up, brushing the dirt off her newly-acquired clothes; a baggy dark green hoodie, black sweat pants, and a long-sleeved T-Shirt, underneath the hoodie. Her stomach growled loudly, announcing it was hungry.

Delilah pulled out the last few dollars of the money she had found in the van they had stolen to cross the city. While Julius was still sleeping, she could slip away and buy breakfast.

Julius woke up around half an hour later, to find Delilah waving a muffin under his nose. He shoved her away playfully and took a bite into the muffin. Blueberry. Not his favourite, but he wasn't one to complain.

"How much money do we have left?"

"Four bucks," Delilah mumbled through a mouthful of muffin.

Suddenly, a siren began to wail not to far away. Delilah cursed under her breath. "The cashier must have recognized me. Come on, we gotta go!"


[Late afternoon - around 4:00]

Delilah and Julius were crouched behind a couple of garbage cans, watching as the police cruiser that had been hunting them all day passed by. Julius let out a sigh of relief.

"That was way too close," Delilah whispered.

Julius was silent. ever since the police car had started chasing him, one thought had been on his mind: they needed to split up. Less cops would be following them, and they'd have a better chance. But he had promised Delilah ... It made it worse when he spotted two bikes leaning up against a dumpster. They could travel on those things, give the cops the slip, and then meet up again. But Delilah would never go for it. His suspicion was confirmed when he voiced his idea.

"No way!" she hissed. "You said -"

"Delilah, just listen for a sec!" Julius interrupted. "We stand a better chance if we split up. And we can meet back up again. Besides, we don't have to unless the police start following us."

Delilah still wasn't convinced. "But Calgary's a big city. We might never meet up ..."

Julius took hold of her hand. "I will not leave this city until I have found you, or I'm sent away to federal prison. I swear!"

Delilah averted her eyes. "But I can't do this alone ..."

Something fuzzy was pressed into her hand. She looked at it. It was Julius' pipe cleaner ring.

"Delilah, you're never alone if you have this with you," he whispered.

It was then Delilah realized how hard this was on Julius as well. She removed her "ring" and gave it to him. "No matter what, we'll always be together."
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