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[En route to ACE HQ]

Delilah slowly woke up with the movement of the truck. She groaned slightly. Her legs were so sore from the bike ride yesterday.

"Oh, sorry," came Julius' voice. "Did I wake you up?"

She shook her head. "No, I just can't sleep in moving things unless I'm really tired."

Julius chuckled. "Then you must have been wiped. You've been asleep for most of the drive, and there's only like five minutes left until we get to ACE's office."

Delilah suddenly was aware that they were inside the city of Vancouver. She sat up abruptly.

"Oh, my gosh! I'm sorry! You had to drive the whole time ..."

"Don't be sorry." Julius replied. "I wasn't the one evading cops on a bike for three hours."

Delilah smiled at him. She started to rub her legs, trying to make them feel better. It was no use, the rubbing made it worse.

"I would help, but I'm, y'know, driving," Julius said softly.

A few minutes later, Julius turned down a dark street. Most of the buildings were demolished ... except one - ACE's main building. The two fugitives stepped out of the truck, gazing in awe. It wasn't that the sight was amazing, it was just ... they had traveled all across Canada, lost three friends, all for this.

A dirty old pile of bricks.

Delilah and Julius walked carefully into the building. The police had done a good job at tearing it apart, there was almost nothing left except a few scraps of paper.

"We came all they way for this?" Delilah complained. "There's nothing here!"

Julius shook his head. "Delilah, Delilah, Delilah. Watch and learn."

He opened up a door to a closet. Nothing was in there, save an empty cigar box on the top shelf. He winked once and pulled up on the box.

At first, nothing happened. Then, the back of the closet slid open to reveal a hidden computer.

Delilah's jaw dropped. "How ...?"

"And I thought it was me who didn't pay attention in Al's spying classes."

Julius began typing commands into the computer. He frowned. "Man, they did a good job. They wiped the whole hard drive ... unless ..." He pressed the eject button. "Ah ha!"

A disk slid out. Julius rubbed his hands together eagerly as he read the label: Academy Frame
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