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pt 24 New Years Nightmare

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Don't want to spoil it.

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As promised you called Benji the second you get to Kelly's new apartment.
She was doing well for herself, her apartment was small but the furniture was pretty and extremely comfortable.
You spent the first day catching up, talking about the guys and what Kelly's been up to since moving back here. The next couple of days were spent shopping for the perfect New Year's Eve outfits.
'Who are these guys?' you ask Kelly, she had her CD player on whilst you were getting ready for New Years.
'They're called MCR' she calls over the music
'I've never heard of them' you say pulling on your Converses.
'Well not a lot of people have, they come from New Jersey, and this is only their first album.'
She switched off the music. 'Ready to go?' she asks looking in the mirror one last time.
You get to the club and there are along queue of people lining up outside the door. 'Don't worry about that.' Kelly says spotting the look of dismay on your face
'We're on the guest list.'
You walk straight to the bouncer at the door, and two seconds later you were in the club.
It was huge and dark like most clubs are except for the flashing lights and the bar, which was lit up by electric blue lamps. You and Kelly have 3 tequila shots each to get you started before you dance. You attract a few guys who you dance with, but decline their numbers and you definitely didn't give out yours.
At two minutes to twelve you borrow Kelly's cell phone and call Benji from the girls toilets.
'Hey baby' you say slightly slurring your words.
'Hey Reigny' comes the reply
'Reigny? Oh Benjamin Madden are you drunk?' You say accusingly slumping down on the toilet seat.
'Maybeeeeeee...' he laughs down the phone.
'Yay!! Me too' you say giggling. 'We are the bestest couple in the world, I missing you '
'I miss me too' he answers still laughing.
'Well I just wanted to say hi, I'm going now coz I don't wanna miss the countdown.' You say pulling tissue off the roll and dropping it on the floor.
'No wait baby don't hang up lets do the countdown together.' He says slurring his words.
You do the countdown listening to the guys cheering in the background mixed in with the cheers and laughter from the club.
'I love you Reign Mercer and I can't wait for you to come home so I can hold you again.' Benji says after he finishes cheering.
'I love you too Benji and I feel exactly the same way.'
You hang up reluctantly and run out of the bathroom to find Kelly and wish her a Happy New Year.
By the end of the night you and Kelly were paralytic, you're not sure how you got home, all you remember is that Kelly threw up on some guy and you screamed at some girl who trod on your foot and didn't say sorry.
The next morning you both had some vicious hangovers. You spend most of the day in bed nursing your headaches and dodgy stomachs. That afternoon you help Kelly pack for Europe, you decide to catch the night bus and you'd be home early the next morning.
'Are you sure you don't wanna wait till the morning?' she asks as you get out of the car.
'Kel, I'm going to be fine, plus Benji leaving tomorrow so I need to see him before he goes.' You say hugging her tightly.
'Ok whatever you say Reign, take care love you lots.' she blows you a kiss as she drives off leaving you at the bus station.
You get on the bus and welcome the long ride back to Waldorf. You called Benji before you left, so he knew you were on your way. You should be back home, in the early hours of the morning.
You sit down next to an elderly lady; she had two big sports bags with her.
All you want to do is fall asleep, but you find yourself engaging in conversation with her.
You speak to her for a while and find out her name is Edna, she has 2 sons, 1 daughter and she is going home to Belleville where she lives with her two cats.
You told her a little about yourself, no intimate details though.
As it got later you started to worry about her getting home, she didn't look two strong, or streetwise and the area seemed to be looking more and more dangerous as you drove by.
The driver stops the bus and a few passengers start to get off including Edna.
'Here let me help you' you say carrying Edna's bags and your own off the bus.
'How about I help you take these home?' you offer after all it's getting late.
'Don't worry about me I can catch the next bus home.' You say quickly noticing the look of concern on her wrinkled face.
You carry all three bags all the while listening to Edna animatedly chatting about her life and her children.
'This is my home dear' she says as you turn the corner on to a dark road. 'Thank you for your help, it would've have taken me twice as long with those bags.' She said with a little laugh.
You carry the bags to the doorstep of her house before leaving.
'Are you sure you don't want to stay till the morning?' She calls after you.
'No thank you Mrs Miller I'll be fine.' You say picking up your bag and leaving.
You felt good about what you just did, that was until you realised that you were no longer on the bus and that now you were in the middle of nowhere. You walked back the way you came or at least you thought you did. Every road looked the same and you were starting to get frustrated. You hated to say it but you were lost. You stopped in the middle of the road and did a 360-degree turn looking for a phone box.
Just then you heard voices coming from behind you. You quickly turned around and three guys walking in your direction. They were obviously drunk cause they were staggering all over the place and singing loudly. You step back onto the pavement and waited for them to walk past. There was no way you were about to tell three drunken guys that you were lost.
You decide to follow them hoping that they'd lead you to a phone box or a highroad.
You walk a few yards behind them, watching their drunken antics and listening to their bad singing.
One was quite short, the other was tall and the one who was singing was really pale.
You watched as the short one playfully pushes the pale one into the road and they starting pushing each other around. They were really loud and you eventually found out their names were Frankie, Gerard and Mike you just didn't know who was who.
You stopped walking, they had stopped too to have their pushing match. The short one tripped the pale guy over before running and jumping on the tall guy who you knew was definitely called Mikey.
'Get up Gerard' Mikey calls to the guy in the road.
'Tell that motherfucker, when I catch him I'm gonna kick his arse' Gerard shouts to Mikey.
You decided to find your own way, following these idiots was taking way too long.
You walked past them as quickly as you could and turn the corner, it was just rows of houses, you were walking for what seemed like 20 minutes, you walked down a dark alley and you couldn't believe your eyes. Those three guys from before where there, still walking along. You suddenly realised that you had walked in a circle and that you'd only been walking for five minutes not twenty like it seemed. You hide in the alley shadows and watch the three idiots staggering around, the next thing you know your calling out and running and then it all goes black.

Gerard's p.o.v

I'm totally intoxicated; I don't ever think I've been so drunk. I don't actually know where I'm going I'm just following Frankie and Mikey.
'Gerard you fuck walk faster.' I could see two Frankie's walking towards me.
'Fuck off man, I'm walking fast enough' I say pushing him away.
He retaliated and I fell to the ground as he pushed me over, I got up with the intention of chasing him, but I was too under the influence to even balance.
I follow the guys to wherever we're going, it seems like we've been walking forever.
'How far to get home?' I shout ahead walking in the road trying to catch up.
I just passed the alleyway when Frankie came up behind me and tripped me over again, I'm so drunk I didn't even here him coming. I fell to the floor cursing loudly and laughing.
I stand up staggering under my own body weight. I watch Frankie running and jumping on Mikey like a maniac. I feel really dizzy; I stand still trying to steady myself. I look ahead at Frankie and Mikey and they're waving frantically and shouting at me, I can barely see them, let alone make out what they're saying.
I hear a sound coming from behind me, I turn around and the next thing I know I'm rolling towards the pavement, I hear the disturbing sound of glass breaking and the sickening sound of metal compressing under someone's body weight.
I hit my head on the cold, hard sidewalk and black out. When I come around two Mikey's are looking down on me, I can see his lips moving but I can't hear what he's saying. I close my eyes tightly and open them again, this time things are in focus.

Frankie's p.o.v

I ran at Mikey jumping on his back, I was having a blast. I was totally drunk and I felt free running around at night in my hometown.
I look back to check on Gerard and everything starts to move in slow motion.
I watch as Gerard stands up and steadies himself, I see the car fast approaching; it was going way to fast. I call out to Gerard, trying to get his attention, Mikey jumping up and down too. I watch helplessly as the car zooms in on Gerard, I close my eyes, and listen to the ear-splitting sound of the tyres screeching, the sickening thud of a body when it collides with metal and then it all goes quiet.

Mikey p.o.v

We had been drinking at a bar not too far from Frankie's house. As usual Gerard and Frankie were messing around and swearing at each other. I felt Frankie's, weight pushing down on my shoulders, he was singing loudly in my ear. I shook him off laughing as we continued to walk home. As usual I slip into my own thoughts only to be snapped out of them by Frankie screaming and waving. I follow his gaze to Gerard and the car closing in on him.
I watched as a figure runs out from the alleyway pushing Gerard out of the way a split second before the car hits. I realise it's a girl as I see her long hair flying about her face as her body slams into the hood of the car and she violently rolls across the top. I stare in shock as her body hits the ground like a rag doll.

Gerard's p.o.v

With Mikey's help I sit up, I try to look past him, but he blocks my view.
'Don't look Gerard you don't wanna...'
I shove him angrily out of the way and immediately wished I hadn't. Glass and blood decorated the road around the car. I stand up and walk over to the wreckage. There was a body of a girl face down in the road. Her head was bleeding and her right foot was at a funny angle to the rest of her body. There was blood seeping out from her open mouth onto the dirty road and her small wrist was trapped under the wheel of the car. Frankie was screaming into a phone, for an ambulance, giving the name of the road we were on and urging them to hurry.
I snapped into action, running over to the driver side of the car, the driver was sitting upright eyes transfixed straight ahead. The car hood was dented severely and the windscreen was cracked, you could barely see through it. Blood was smeared over the hood and some was sprinkled onto the windscreen.
'Reverse the fucking car, you're on her wrist' I screamed through the window.
The driver didn't move an inch even when I pounded on the window screaming at him, he just sat there.
'Gerard he's in shock' Mikey says running over and pulling me away. He opens the door and helped the driver out, he settles him on the pavement before starting the car and reversing it.
I ran over to the girl and put my fingers on her neck, trying to find her pulse. I grabbed her other wrist and feet her slow pulse against my fingers.
I ran my fingers down her pale face, tears spilling over my eyes. I touched her freezing cold hands, and brushed her bleeding knuckles. I took off my jacket and covered her with it just as an ambulance came speeding towards us.
I moved out the way as two paramedics rushed over, they checked her pulse, and her breathing.
My mind was racing so much was happening, a police cruiser had pulled up and two officers came over. I couldn't talk I could only stare. Mikey and Frankie answered most of the questions as best they could. I watched as they put her limp body on a stretcher, and then strapped an oxygen mask over her blood soaked face. I looked over at the demolished car and something caught my eye, I ran over to the car and bent down picking up the item.
'Do any of you know her?' the paramedic called from the ambulance
'I do' I croaked, pocketing the necklace I found by the car. I didn't know her but I had to go with her.
'What the hell are you doing?' Mikey demands pulling me back as I tried to make my way over to the ambulance. 'You don't even know her Gerard.'
I tugged my arm out of his grip 'I have to go with her Mikey she saved my life.'
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