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With you 5

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the unexpected happens

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Eager to see what the helicopter brought for Ice Emmet looked up. "Down or they'll see us!" Julius pulled him down. "We will know what it is, don't worry." Exhausted he leant against the barrel.

"I hear footsteps..." Emmet said. It was too late to flee - the barrels stood directly beside the wall. Julius prayed that they would pass but a second later he looked at Nosey and Delilah.

"What do you...?" Nosey was completely confused as was the rest of them. They waited until the pilots had passed with the transport box and vanished.
Delilah was confused. What on earth did Julius do here? Wasn't he supposed to have a mission?
Nosey sat down between Emmet and Julius. "Can't we go somewhere else? You know it's quite cold in here?"

"You know you stink?" Emmet answered giving him his scarf nevertheless.

Julius could not believe she was here. Did she know what all this was about? All the same, she was in danger!

"Listen, Delilah..."

"You..." she stared.

You/Now I see/Keeping everything inside

She was so happy to see him, she couldn't believe it. It was like waking up and suddenly realise one had won in the lottery.

"... I don't know -" Julius began.


You/Now I see/Even when I close my eyes

She looked at him freezing but calmed down knowing he was alright. Julius realised how cold it must be and laid his arm around her but suddenly a fuse in her mind was blown. She threw his arm off her shoulder. "You... what are you doing here?"

"I wanted to ask you the same question" Julius said.

"I'm on my mission" Delilah said wondering why on earth she was having a row with her best friend.

"That is quite convenient, me too" Julius snapped back. Nosey got up trying to stay out of sight for anyone who'd enter. This was definitely scary.

"Think I can't handle it myself do you?" Delilah was disappointed to see her suspicions confirmed.

"That's apparently what you think..." Julius was too confused to realise anything anymore.

"Fortunately we behave like adults" Delilah said still not believing what they did.

"If you behave like that I really think it would be wise if you just left..." Julius said not wanting her near Ice who hated her like hell anyway... he could not safe her. Emmet could not quite believe his ears. Ursula would be delighted to hear about that.

"Really?" she stepped in front of him. She had been scared for him thought of him every minute, every second and now he seemed to hate her...

"De, what's up with you?" Julius did not understand anything anymore.

Nosey nodded to Emmet. They reached out and nipped the pressure points. Perhaps it wasn't wise to knock out the best spies on foreign territory but it was definitely better than to have quarrelling lovers in the fire line. Especially when the lovers were spies and adored each other much too much to say what they really meant.

I hit you and you hit me back
We fall to the floor/The rest of the day stands still
Fine line between this and that

short chapter and not really romantic - some may think it's ooc but considering the beginning of the story and Delilah not knowing how he feels thinking that she knows how she feels ... all very confusing. I thought it was time for a little quarrelling, sorry.
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