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"Heads or tails?"

"Did you ever realise that there are no tails at all?"

Delilah woke up. 'God, what did I do?' she asked herself when the memories came back. To her left Emmet and Nosey were sitting playing with a coin. She lay on the frozen concrete floor hidden behind some barrels. She crawled over to Julius.

He blinked and a blurred figure came into focus. It was Delilah. First he wanted to smile but then... He sat up.

"Going to shout at me again, are you?"

Delilah bit her lip trying not to cry. "I was so - you" she looked into his dark blue eyes staring at her but not in an unfriendly way. He was always caring; always kind ... she found it a lot easier to talk to his shoe. "I was so stupid. First I was glad I'd found you but before that I ... I nearly thought you didn't want to do missions with me anymore."

Julius screwed up an eye and turned his head a bit. The sun wasn't shining... he seemed to mistrust her...

When things go wrong I pretend the past isn't real
Now I'm trapped in this memory
And I'm left in the wake of the mistake/Slow to react

"I see it was silly and I don't know how to make up -"

Julius got up. "You should. But don't worry about that - we've got a mission for that." He chuckled. "Al had me go alone - I did not beg for it - but it seems not much use. We are as thick as thieves. I'm glad we can work together because I don't have a clue what all this is about."

Delilah felt relieved. "Nosey and I were watching huskies..."

"Huskies? Must have been quite boring -" Julius grinned.

"It was, till this heli..."

Nosey patted Emmet on the shoulder, tears in his eyes. "Man, their first row... that I may live to see that..."

"... so Ice is at the bottom of that all?"

"Obviously. And she is also the reason Al wanted you to stay with the dogs..."

"I'm not scared of Ice"

The trapdoor Julius and Emmet had gotten through opened. "That's good for here I am!"

"Ice" Julius turned to her dressed up in cold colours as usual but attractive nevertheless.

"Smart today, are we?" She pressed a button and water was sprayed from the ceiling onto the four. It froze immediately. Ice went forth to look at Julius. "I could stay here forever watching his face... useless to thaw him - he'd just run away as always... I'll keep him like that."

And again Delilah had to wake up. The ice around her head had melted first being nearest to the lamp put in front of them for that purpose. The technology seemed interesting - she had no blisters, no frostbite... astonishing. But it was not the time for that now. Nosey and Emmet were awake, too ... but where the hell was Julius? She looked around wildly as well as she could with the rest of her body still frozen.

They were still in the hangar as they had been frozen to the ground - consequently Julius had to be here as well... but he wasn't.

"Did you see Julius?" Delilah asked the others.

Nosey looked as if he'd like to back away - only he couldn't. "Ice took him with her" he said trying to pull up his shoulders at least apparently afraid she would start shouting at him.

But Delilah didn't do any of this. Apart from being immobilised her mind seemed to have frozen as well no logic, no plans had room, there was just the thought of Julius... 'At least you reconciled to him before' came to her mind. Trying to banish this from her thoughts she tried to think in a more positive way.

"We need to find him... luckily we'll be free in about ten minutes' time then we'll start ..."

A voice came from behind her but she could not turn her head enough to see who it was. Which was quite unnecessary.

"I'm no brute; I'll spare you to go looking after him... what was your name?"

"Delilah!" she snapped through gritted teeth. 'She just pretends to have forgotten, just to annoy me... snowcat...'

"Ah, yes... nice name by the way. Not yet melted? I'll come over to you." Ice appeared with a handcart. On it wobbling slightly stood Julius in a shade of blue, still frozen.

"What are you doing?"

"I like souvenirs ... and ice is a perfect preserver. I just don't like the look on his face... his eyes are nearly shut and his mouth is twisted..."

"Not everybody likes to be frozen, you know?"

Ice hesitated. A living statue was a really extravagant work of art but what use if it did not look good? "What would you advise? I can't thaw him and ask to smile... he wouldn't do that for me. But for you perhaps?" She strode towards her. "You know, he likes me... or at least he will if I threaten to use you three for public good..."
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