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With you 7

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show down, dudes!

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She pressed a button. Delilah decided make sure that there was a power failure next time they got into the hideout of a villain. All that electronic stuff...

A conveyor belt appeared with quite a few contraptions around it. A claw arm reached out laying her down on the belt. "Public good? What are you producing here, blood sausage?"

Ice smiled a sucking sweet smile. "You're not as dumb as I thought, you nearly hit the nail." She pressed another button and a huge shelf appeared from the floor to the ceiling filled with something red.

Julius had been placed in front of the lamp and was thawing astonishingly fast.

"Stored blood?" Delilah couldn't believe what she saw.

Ice gave her a gleaming look. "What's so surprising about that? I've the best preservation method - and enough room. Plus I'm situated quite centrally." She looked very pleased with herself. "So the G.I.B. asked me to keep some blood for them - they always want a full store for their agents." She laughed.

Delilah sighed. Even if they weren't having trouble with the G.I.B. they were troublesome.
"What did you want to do with the dogs then? Have a dog's dinner?"

Ice waved as if driving off a fly. "Oh that. It was a kind of long-time-project. As I want to be a nice girl I gave the dogs back ... getting me fur and money for my next ice age" She gave a high-pitched laughter. "... which will be soon after getting you out of the way."

She turned to Julius whose head was nearly freed from the ice layer. "But between us; I prefer to be a bad girl ... that's more my line." she whispered to him.

"Why do you make up all that 'no-brute' stuff? It must be annoying for you..." Delilah asked.

"That is exactly why I can't stand you, Dora, you think you're more brilliant than I am ... I need alliances of course... why else would I be permitted to have a wonderful, big Ice lab in Africa? The dogs were a kind of exercise and apart from that I like those animals - dumb, obedient, clinging. I do however not know why I like you, dear. Probably because you look so good. Wonderful ice-blue eyes."

Julius freed his mouth. "They're dark blue!"

"That is of minor importance to me. If I say they're ice-blue they are ice-blue. And if I say smile you will smile."

Julius rolled his eyes. 'Not again' he thought. "And why would I?"

"Because your friends are so kind to donate some blood. All their blood in fact." Julius looked around him and sighted Delilah. "De!"

"Julius! You're awake!"

"Wish I'd slept on..." he said trying to get up and falling down again. "And no, that was rhetoric, I do not really wish to!" He glared at Ice.

"Shame I have to freeze you again - you have a big mouth. So, smile or see her dying... I mean, them. I want to make a clean job" She winked at Delilah.
Delilah winked to Julius. The ice layer at her legs had nearly melted.

"How can you? What did she do to you? Surely nothing that could so seriously hurt you that you have to kill her!" Julius said playing for time.

"No" Ice considered. "But I don't like her. And you like her."

"Me? No, surely not. We had a row before you came - and saved me because she" he nodded over to Delilah. "is to stubborn to believe me."

Ice nodded thoughtfully. "You're right. Another reason for sucking Dolores' blood" Her hand reached out for the small control box.

"It's Delilah!" said the young spy before hitting Ice around the face who had however had enough time to press a blue button - Julius froze again.

With help from Emmet (he gave her a clout with the binoculars instead of using the anaesthetic) and Nosey (who had accidentally stepped into some kerosene and stunned Ice with the smell of it) Delilah easily got Ice under control especially when trying out the blue button herself. "I knew she was skating on thin ice" she said then leant over Julius' body. He smiled.

Even though you're close to me
You're still so distant/And I can't bring you back

'Yes, I was stubborn' she said quietly knowing he could not hear her. 'But you were as well ... and you're dogged.' Then she called Scarlett.

"What's up in the Sahara, kitten? I located you. Got any problems with the dogs?"

"Not really. We dogged them and found where they were brought. I could do with a chopper here. Easy to find. And we need an electric fire."

"That's interesting. You are in the middle of a desert, did you know that?"

"One could think so. Julius has been put on ice though." She held her camera in front of him.


"Uh, awesome statue. You're thicker than thieves, no use wanting to separate you two" Scarlett smiled. "I'll tell Big Al about it - and I swear I'll leave if he ever does it again. You still need anything, little cupcake?"

"Yeah, tell the Red Cross to get here - we have some blood."

'After all' she told herself some time later in the chopper having Julius thawing 'it was not a bad mission. A bit challenging. And a little lonely. Short and quick in a strange way. But in the end everything went alright. Because I can trust him. And he trusts me. At least, I hope so.' She smiled down at him and - realising a second later that she was getting "Icish" - hoped the melting process would still take some time.

No matter how far we've come
I can't wait to see tomorrow
With you

Julius felt the warmth regaining his body. Slowly he opened his eyes. Delilah! He smiled. He was so happy to have her back. A perfect team although they'd quarreled. Or perhaps because they had done so. He knew she cared about him. He didn't even dare thinking about how much he cared for her. All those misunderstandings ... he really should enrol for a lecture about understanding ones partner or buy a dictionary... no, he liked her that way.

No matter how far we've come
I can't wait to see tomorrow
With you

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