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Points of Authority 1

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mission briefing

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Chapter 4: Points of Authority

They arrived at the academy in the late hours of the morning. Delilah sprang out savouring the warm sunbeams of spring ...

"Eh, De, could you give me a hand?"

"Both if you want" A second later she was helping him out of the helicopter. He was still shaking slightly being put on ice for so long. They strode along the way to the Academy passing the pool.

"You know, once I've had a shower I will lie there and not move for at least a week..." Julius said gesturing and still not letting go of her hand.

Al walked towards them. The wish had sounded too good to come true.

"Hey, man, sorry to disappoint you but Ursula wants to see you right away... good work by the way and ... yeah I'm sorry I separated you but it was for your own good. I'd invite you for some snacks but Ursula..." He made a snapping gesture with his hand imitating the spy so well Julius chuckled despite the disturbance.

"So she's got something?" Delilah asked as they walked to Ursula's room.

"Apparently, she wouldn't tell me anything. You know what she's like. Emmet already got some bruises - he had the cheek to ask whether she had done anything while he did 'his' mission..."

As she really had had a lot of time Ursula had thought about the staging to present her results. She smiled. Finally she had achieved something great - even Julius and Delilah should notice. She turned to her mirror checking her make up. Perfect. Ah, nearly. She took some kohl to point out the dark circles around her eyes. There was a knock atthe door.

"Enter please" she said, darting over to her swivel-stool.

"Hi Ursula" Delilah said taking seat on her bed. So did Julius. 'Nice sight' Ursula thought.

"Hey you three. Well, while you were having some ice cream" Julius shuddered. "I was doing some research... about the wolves and the psychoanalyst, remember?"

She typed quickly something on her computer and a map appeared. 'She must've trained that ... usually her forefinger circled above the keyboard rushing upon the letters.' The map showed Europe, Luxemburg, and some small dots.

"I followed the telephone calls made from Wednesday's summer residence ... most were calls for manicure, pedicure, tanning salon and so on and some others which were identified to be the ones to her psychoanalyst. He seems to live in Greece, in a small town near Athens, and is called Anoitos. Further enquiries made clear however that there is neither such a man nor a psychologist."
Ursula was pleased to see Julius and Delilah raising an eyebrow. Al still slurped his cocktail but she'd soon change that.

"Funny indeed it was when we found out" 'when I found out ... Ursula, always showing off, pluralis majestatis...' Julius shook his head slightly but still was impressed. "that the wolves Wednesday had with her came from the same village. Isn't it strange when she could've taken the animals from a park or somewhat nearer to her?"

Delilah got up. "That really seems interesting. But obviously someone wants to lead us by the nose... we should have a look at that!"

"What do you mean Delilah, do you already have a clue?" Al asked stopping his slurping. "Man, that was delicious, raspberry, hm..."

"Anoitos is no common greek name - and it means foolish in English." She turned to go. "We'll see Scarlett and be off, okay?" Julius adored her for her keen intellect.
Ursula grumbled.

Forfeit the game/Before somebody else
Takes you out of the frame/Puts your name to shame
Cover up your face/You can't run the race
The Pace is too fast/You just won't last

"No, kitten, that's Ursula's mission" Scarlett had come in. "And I think she can have Emmet back, can't she, big Al?"

"Sure! I got another assignment anyway for you... quite challenging, just wait!" He led the way out of the room into his office.

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