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Points of Authority 2

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someone strange appears in the academy

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He led them into a tiny chamber not more than a broom-cupboard. Inside it was a minuscule window to which Al shoved them over. He nodded.

They saw Al's office, the sofa to be exact. On it someone sat, shoulders straight, with long brown neatly plaited hair.

"Her name's Proserpina" Al explained. "Her parents were spies as well but she didn't know about it. Now they're dead, leaving behind her daughter and their last will and testament that she should become a spy, too."

"Poor child" Delilah said lowering her head.
"Hey, you sound like Scarlett!" Julius said in an attempt to cheer her up.

"Who sounds like me?" Scarlett had arrived.

"No one" Julius smiled. "So, does she even want to become a spy?"

Al chortled. "She's got humour... said she'd prefer it to becoming sales representative... that's what her parents told her they were."

At that moment the window smashed. A little hand stuck through it. "I know you're there! You might as well come in!"

Everyone turned to go. "Al forgot to tell us she's got vivacity." Delilah said grinning slightly.

"Hm.. that reminds me of someone... you, perhaps?" A second later Julius held his cheek Delilah had slapped - not too hard though.

All four of them entered the room. "Hey man, no need to break that mirror!" Al said. "It had those cool stripes at the side..." he bent down to pick up the pieces. "And it means bad luck for seven years!"

"I'm sorry" the girl said but it did not sound as though she was. They settled down. "Hi, I'm Proserpina, nice to meet you." A pinstriped arm reached over to the two spies. "You must be Delilah and Julius, I presume?"

"The pleasure is ours. And, yeah, that's correct." Delilah said trying to estimate how old she was... at least twelve but not much more.

Scarlett swept over to them. "Well, kittens, I can't stand too long, I need to tell Ursula that she can't have my lab to do ... ehm ... whatever she said she wanted to do there. I'll try to persuade them to go and find that psychologist and you'll get to bring up that child, children." She nodded and got out, apparently really in a hurry ...

"We... what? Parents?" Julius sat there shaking his head. "Did I get everything right?"

"Yeah, man, me and Scarlett we are quite preoccupied with the academy at the moment - and the G.I.B." he shook his head. "... and who else could we trust with that assignment?"

He made a point... they knew the academy like the palm of their hands, in fact it was their home, their school, fun park even.

"Yep, we're on it like seagulls at a garbage dump!" Delilah was excited.

"Ah, well, okay, right, we'll do that..." Julius answered.

Proserpina got up. "I'm looking forward to a productive and pleasant education" she got up and shook their hands. "and, please, feel free to call me Prosper." She left the room.

"Do you really think this is a good idea?" Julius asked feeling awkward.

"Don't you love a challenge?" Delilah said who could nearly not sit anymore; she wanted to start right away.

"Julius is right, sweetcake, it's a lot of responsibility you'll have on your shoulders... but you can do that, man. Quite tricky with the loss of her parents and all ... puberty coming up ... training up... she hates sport... and -"

"Oh now I feel really comfortable about it, Al" Julius said getting up. "I need to think about that."

As he wanted to opened the door, Proserpina came in. "Oh, Al, Scarlett sends me. She says she'll tear your ass to pieces if you continue to use her up-to-the-minute testing laser-Bunsen burner to make crème brûlée."

Julius and Delilah walked to their rooms. Delilah smiled. "What are you so happy about?"

"That's a real challenge, isn't it? And we have the chance to something good - not fighting something back but educate someone to do the same ... something good ... that's wonderful!"

"De ... Are we now on the scrap heap?"

Delilah laughed. He didn't know whether he should be angry about that or not ... it made him feel at ease but she didn't quite understand him. "What makes you think that?" she asked.

"Perhaps it's because we didn't make headway like Ursula did ... this Luxemburg stuff... did you notice by the way that in all our last missions there were animals?"

Delilah opened the door to her room. "I don't want to open a zoo... you perhaps?"

"Ha-ha. With an extra big insect department. Very funny, really. It's just ... I don't feel mature ... or old enough to be parent to a teenager..."

"I know you can do it. Just wait." And before she went into her room Julius felt her lips touch his cheek.

statement: no, it's not mary sue ... and I hope it will be nothing too predictable. we'll see =)
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