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Sequel to "Tomboy." Now D and J are going undercover in an all girls school, forcing Julius to dress and act like a girl.

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There's a time in everyones life when people second guess who they really are. Weather it's their looks...their faith...their personality...whatever. Why is that? Is it peers? Parents? Media?

OK, YEAH RIGHT. If you think this is what this story is about, guess again. Here's the real prolouge:

"You heard about the Amanda Polar school, the all girls school, right?" Al asked Delilah and Julius after their last mission at MBS.

"Yes." Replied Delilah.

"Well, we have a right to think that Miss.Deeds is being disguised as the principal...Mrs.Walker," said Al.

"What? Is she now taking over the Con Mans job?" Joked Julius.

Delilah icnored her partner. "Why would she do that?"

"We have no clue, man," said Al, shrugging. "All we know, is we need you two to go in disguise. Julius, you have to dress and act like a girl."

"NO!" screamed Julius.

"Come on, Juls, it'll be fun!" Delilah said, smirking at her new boyfriend. "Do it for me?"

It was too late. Julius looked into her eyes. He was a sucker for her.

"Fine," surrendered Julius.

"Now, Delilah, you'll be Karrie Chambers." Al said, "And Julius, you'll be Michelle Writer."

"No, Michelle doesn't suit Julius," Delilah said, thinking.

"What? Any name will do," Julius said.

"Yeah, but it doesn't work." Delilah said. "Let's think...I always call you Juls...Juls, Juls..."

"That's it!" cried out Delilah, getting into the mood. "Julia! That's perfect!"

Julius slapped his forhead. "Whatever. This just get this over with."

"Hellooooo Karrie Chambers and Julia Writer," said Al laughing.

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