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Delilah and Julius go shopping for Juls' new look.

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Julius' point of view:

"I can't believe you talked me into this," I said, rolling my eyes once Delilah and me got into her room.

Delilah only smiled. She had such a pretty smile.

"Okay, first things first," she said, icnoring my comment. "Your chest."

"What about my chest?" I asked her, confused.

She gave me a stare. "Do I need to draw you a diagram of the difference between a girl and a boy?"

"FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NO!" I shouted.

Delilah laughed. She took out a pink bra out of her drawer. "Take off your shirt."

"Delilah, I'm shocked!" I joked with her. "you first."

Delilah laughed, and elbowed me in the stomache. I obeyed, and took of my shirt. She then gave me the bra.

"I don't feel comfortable, wearing your bra," I said, trying not to laugh.

Delilah only once again laugh.

"How the hell do you work this thing?" I asked her.

She did up the strap on the back. My God, it was so tight! It hurt. She then stuffed toliot paper into the bra, to make me look like I know...

Just then, the bra clip went flying. Delilah and me bursted out laughing. "Man, you're fat!" she joked. "I guess we have some shopping to do."

I rolled my eyes. I hated shopping.



Delilah and me walked into sears. We found the bra size for me. People did look at me funny, going into the change room with pink bras. I blushed, as I went to go pay for them. Delilah was getting my other "supplies" while I went to pay for the bras and clothes. It was a boy at the till. His eyes got big, at me buying skirts, blouses, and pink bras.

"it's for my girlfriend," I said quickly.

"you must be close, buying her bras," he said, feeling uncomfortable.

I blushed again, while I ran to find Delilah after paying.



Julius was in the washroom, changing into his new look.

"I'm not coming out!" Julius cried out.

"Julius, I need to see your outfit," I commented.

"NO!" screamed Julius.

I tried to open the bathroom door, but it was locked. Go figure. The door was wooden, so I knew I could break it.

"Juls, open this door, or I'll break it down!" I warned him.

"You wouldn't do that." Julius told me.

I laughed. "Remember the time you didn't want to go be that elf for the academy Christmas concert? I had the break the door down, and I will do it again if I have to!"

I heard Julius sigh, as he slowly opened the door. I couldn't help but laugh. There was Julius, frowning. He was wearing a long, curly blonde wig that matched his hair. He wore a pink skirt with black boots. His legs were shaved and he wore a pink sweater. He also had a little pink purse that had a picture of the play boy bunny on it.

"Awww....Julius is showing off his sensitive side!" I joked.

Julius still didn't smile. I laughed, as I pulled him into a hug. "You look so cute!"

"Geeze, thanks." He said.

Julius and me began to laugh.

"Now remember about what happened when I was pretending to be a boy," I reminded him. "We were cuaght kissing, and were the laughing stock of the school. So let's try no cuddling, no nothing."

"Awww...." Julius moaned. "It'll be hard. Exspecally this time Al made sure we were roommates."

I smiled. "No one will see us at night time..."

"Delilah Devonshire, I'm shocked!" Joked Julius. "Miss perfect is now being bad!"

"Is this bad?" I asked him.

He looked confused at first, but I then put my lips agaist his. It was a long, gentle soft kiss. Julius then picked me up, and threw me on my bed. We both laughed, as we play fighted. Julius' toliot paper in his bra then fell out, making him flat chested again. We both laughed.

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