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I Feel Like A Women

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D and J meet the Amanda Polar school...while someone is watching them...

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I was finishing putting on Julius' make-up. I put a nice, blueish greenish eye shadow on him to match his gorgous blue eyes. I put a lite read lipstick on, followed by mascara and eye liner. I put some sparkles on his cheeks.

"There," I said, feeling proud.

"This is so sick and wrong..." complained Julius.

I only laughed.

"you're lucky you're beautiful and I love you, or I would not do this," warned Julius.

I blushed at the compliment. He was so sweet and funny. "Time to go to the Amanda Polar school."


AT APS: (Amanda Polar School)

Julius' point of view:

We walked into the APS. I sighed. My life ends here. A beautiful blonde hair and nice soft blue eyes. I came to conclusion that it was Ms. Deeds in disguise. She could be wearing a wig. She could be wearing coloured contacts to hide her ugly brown eyes. She could pull it off.

"Karrie Chambers and Julia Writer?" She asked.

Delilah and me kept out back strait. We should have attacked her right there, but, we had to know what she was up to, and stop her.

"Yes." Replied Delilah.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Prinipal Walker." She said.

"I know," I said in a rude tone.

Wow, she was good at pretending to be good and nice. I had to admit that. Principal Walker..or should I say Ms.Deeds raised an eyebrow.

"Well, we have colleges. A, B, C, and D." she explained. "You will both be in D, room 132."

"Thanks." Delilah replied, and we were off to our room.

We went to our room, realizing there wasn't two beds. It was a bunk bed. We both said it at the same time:


We both laughed.

"Fine." I said. "Paper, rock sissors."

"Paper, rock sissors!" we both shouted, giving the signs.

I picked paper, while she picked rock.

"I WIN!" I cried happily.

"How the hell can paper beat a rock?" Delilah asked.

"You're such a poor sport," I teased.

I looked at the door. It had a lock. SWEET!

"Hey, De," I said, smirking. "We can both share the top bunk. We have a lock on our door."

"Cool," she said, smiling. "....You are going to take off your disguise at night, right?"

"No, I like it," I joked, making us both laugh.

Just at the moment, our window crashed. Delilah and me jumped in surprise. It was a rock with a note tied to it by a rubber alastic. It hit Delilah right in the head. She cried in pain. I looked out the window to see who threw it. No one was there.

"You ok?" I asked Delilah, helping her up.

She nodded.

"Jerks." I said.

I picked up the rock and paper, and threw it in the garbage.

"Who would throw a rock and garbage in our room?" I asked outloud.

"NO!" she cried out, quickly grabbing the rock and paper out. "I saw writing on it..."

She took the paper off the rock, unfolded it.

"What does it say?" I asked.

"Well, whoever wrote it has horrible spelling and printing, but I can make it out. It reads,"

"Dear Delilah and Julius, we know who you really are. We can help you. Signed Jordan and Leigh."

I took the note out of her hand, and re-read it. "How do they know who we are?"

Then I laughed. "I love how girls dot their "I"'s with a heart."

Out of nowhere, another rock came, and again hit Delilah right in the head, right in the same place where the other one hit her. She cried again in pain. I looked outside. No one, once again. I helped Delilah up once again, and read the note outloud:

"Sorry for hitting you with the rock. Jordan and Leigh."

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