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Catch me if You Can

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D&J have a search and rescue mission in South Africa

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Delilah and Julius just got back from the movies. They went to see the late screening of, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Delilah loved it. Julius wasn't too crazy about it, he thought the first one was better.

"How could you not like it?"

"I do like it. I just thought that, The Curse of the Black Pearl, was better. So I take it your favorite is Dead Man's Chest."

"I didn't say that."

"So you like the first one better."

"I don't have a favorite."

"You have to have a favorite."

"I don't know which is my favorite, all I know it that Johnny Depp is hot."

"That's a typically girl thing to say." Julius playfully pushed the back of Delilah's head.

Delilah turned around and walked backwards towards the Academy's front doors. "You are so jealous?"

"Why would I be jealous?"

"Because I think Johnny's hotter than you."

A smirk spread across Julius' face "So you think I'm hot." Delilah blushed a little as she turned around and picked up her pace. "Come on, tell me, do you think I'm hot? I'm make you tell me."

"You're gonna have to catch me first." Delilah broke into a sprint. She made it to the door in seconds. Once inside the Academy Delilah keep running, she just had to make it to her room, then she could lock her door. She ran down a couple of halls. She was halfway to her room. Delilah turned around, she wanted to how far Julius was behind her, but as soon as she looked behind her. She ran into someone.

They didn't fall over though. Delilah stepped back from the person and shook off their little collision. Julius was now right beside Delilah. He put his hand on her back and asked, "You okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine." Delilah looked up to see Al.

"Hey, just the people I was looking for. Come on you guys follow me you two have got a new mission."

They followed Al to his office. Julius put his arm around Delilah's Shoulder and whispered in her ear, "I caught you."

Delilah leaned towards him and whispered, "You can't be serious."

"I am serious, but you can tell me later." Al led them into his office and gestured for them to sit down.

All three of them were now sitting down. "An archeologist named Kaye Adams has gone missing." Al pointed to the T.V. screen which had a world wide map on it, "She got separated from her group, while in some caves in South Africa." Al typed something on his computer and the map focused in on a spot in South Africa.

"So it's a simple search and rescue mission."

"Yes and you'll leave right after Scarlett sees you."

"We haven't even went to bed yet."

"You both can sleep on the plane. A pilot will fly you to the caves because there is no flat land around there. You'll be lowered out of the plane and you'll have to radio us when you're ready to leave. That's all."

Delilah and Julius got up and turned around to see Scarlett at the door. "Come with me I have your gadgets." They followed Scarlett to her lab.

Scarlett grabbed two belts off of one of her tables. "It's only a search and rescue mission so you'll get the belts that have grappling hooks in them and some needles that will put anyone and anything asleep for around three hours. That's it and good luck on the mission.


Delilah and Julius Walked out to the runway and saw a person waving them over to his plane. When they reached the man, he shook both of there hands and introduced himself, "Hello Delilah and Julius. I'm Leonard and I'll be your pilot."

"Nice to meet you, Leonard." The three got on the plane. Leonard went to the cockpit. While Delilah and Julius went to the back and reclined in some comfy seats.
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