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Delilah and Julius make a bet.

Category: Delilah and Julius - Rating: R - Genres: Horror - Published: 2006-08-25 - Updated: 2006-08-25 - 278 words

The plane took off and headed for Kaye Adams last know whereabouts. Delilah and Julius's seats were a few aisles apart. It felt weird for them to sleep next to each other, even if they were sleeping in seats on an airplane. Soon as they got comfy they fell asleep.

Julius woke up first. He stood up and stretched, then walked over to Delilah's seat, she was still sleeping. Julius stood over her sleeping figure. She looked so peaceful and beautiful. She always looked beautiful no matter what she did. Well that' how Julius's feels.

A soft moan escaped Delilah's lips as she stretched, almost hitting Julius in the head. She sighed and opened her eyes to find Julius staring at her, "Have a good sleep?"

Yes I did." Delilah returned her seat to the proper up right position. Julius kept on staring at her, making her being to feel uncomfortable.

Finally Julius looked away and asked, "What's the answer?"

"What are you talking about?"

"I caught you. So do you think I'm hot?"

"That's no fair. I ran into Al."

"I would have caught you anyways."

"You think you're faster then me."

"I don't think, I know I'm faster then you."

"Fine. When we get back to the academy, we'll have a race. If you win I'll tell you my deepest darkest secret. If I win you tell me yours and you have to be truthful. I know I will."

Julius pondered it for a moment, "OK deal. You win I'll tell you my deepest darkest secret and I'll be 100% truthful." They shook on it, but neither of them knew that that their secrets were the same.
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