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Landing Problems

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Will D&J ever get the chance to race.

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"This is your pilot, Leonard, speaking." Leonard began to giggle over the intercom, he got his giggling fit under control and continued, "We are approaching our destination. So get on your parachutes and I, Leonard, will be back there in a moment." He began to giggle again. Then he turned off the intercom.

"That was weird."

"I know. Oh well let's get ready." Delilah and Julius put on their parachutes and suits, and waited for Leonard to come see them.

"Okay I'm here." Leonard walked to were Delilah and Julius were standing, by the door. He opened the door. "Jump!" Without looking down both of them jumped. As soon as they jumped Leonard yelled, "My name is not Leonard, it's Andrew." Then Andrew closed the door.

They were far from the ground so they didn't have to pull their parachutes yet. They moved closes together so they could hear each other. "You see Delilah, I told you that guy was crazy."

"No you didn't."

"Well I was thinking it."

"Sure. Anyway that guy was weird, why would we care what his name is?"

"I know."

Seeing how close their were getting to the ground, Delilah said, "Split." They moved away from each other and opened their chutes. Delilah looked at the ground and yelled so Julius could hear, "I don't think we're in the right place." There was no sight of any caves for as far as they could see. The ground was flat and had only one building on it. It was a big building, with lots of windows. Some windows were on the side of the building and the roof was just one big window. Julius was heading for flat ground a little ways from the warehouse. However Delilah was heading right for the roof. She tried to turn away, but couldn't. She knew she was going to hit the glass, so she closed her eyes and brought her hands up to shield her face.

Julius landed on the ground, took off his chute, and looked around for Delilah. Just then he heard a scream coming from the building. "Delilah! I'm coming!" He took off running as fast as he could.

The glass broke right after her feet hit it. She went tough the glass and screamed as the broken edges of the glass dung deep into her skin. She could feel her blood running down her body, but she didn't open her eyes or removed her hands from her face. She tried to ignore the pain, but she screamed again as an edge of the glass cut really deep into her arm. Lucky the glass broke before it went all the way up her arm. After her whole body went though the glass she didn't fall to the ground. She looked up and saw that her parachute was caught in the beams, which held all the glass up.

Delilah looked down and saw how lucky she was, because if she would have fell she was almost certain she would have died. Not only was it a far drop, but she also would have landed on a lot more glass.

Julius ran into the building and saw all the glass on the floor. He looked up and saw Delilah hanging there, with her head down. At first he thought that she was dead, but he quickly dismissed that thought from his head, "Delilah." At first it was a whisper, then he yelled, "Delilah!"

"Oh hi, Julius." She tried to smile through all the pain, but it hurt too much.

Julius walked under her and kicked away some of the glass. "Cut your parachute. I'll catch you." Julius held out his arms.

"I don't know. It's pretty far."

A drop of Delilah's blood landed on Julius' arm. He wiped it off with his finger. "Delilah you need to come down here so I can look at your cuts. I promise I'll catch you."

"Okay." Delilah took a pocket knife out of one of her suits pockets. She slowly cut herself lose. She screamed as she fell, but not as loud as the other times.

Just like Julius promised. He caught her. He walked away from all the glass and put Delilah down. He saw all the rips on her suit and all the blood that the suit had soaked up. He quickly and carefully took off her suit. It wasn't as bad as her suit made it seem. She only had two really deep cuts, one on her right leg, and the other on her right arm. There were a lot of cuts, but they weren't very big.

Julius quickly looked around for something to banged Delilah with. When he didn't see anything he took off his suit and tried to rip it. After that didn't work, without thinking, he took off his shirt and ripped it into two. He tied one around Delilah's leg and the other around her arm. He looked into her eyes and he could tell she was in a lot of pain. He looked away so she couldn't see him cry. Julius hated to see her like this.

From outside they heard a manly voice yell, "Come on out, Delilah and Julius." D&J were both shocked that the man knew who they were. He hadn't even seen them. "Come out now and I'll make your deaths quick and not that painful. If you make me come in there...Well lets just say. I won't be happy."
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