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A little romance.

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Delilah and Julius were shocked, neither of them moved. What the hell was happening? Who was this mysterious man? How did he know where and who they were? More importantly was he strong and smart enough to kill them. He seemed pretty serious with his treat.

Julius was the first to act. He picked Delilah up and quietly carried her behind some crates. He took one of the needles that Scarlett gave them and gave Delilah the other. He signaled for Delilah to stay here and turned around, but before he left Delilah tugged on the back of his shirt. Julius turned to her and kneeled down beside her. "Don't leave me." Delilah whispered.

"I'll be right back. It will be easy to take care of this guy and you can't help you're already injured."

"This guy seems really serious. I don't want you to get...killed." Delilah looked down, she didn't even want to think about losing him. Julius put his hand under her chin and made her look at him. There faces were now only inches apart. Delilah looked down at Julius' lips. She wondered how they would feel, pressed up against hers.

"I won't... I promise." Julius's hot breath lingered on Delilah's lips. She lightly licked her lips.

Julius looked down at Delilah's lips. He wondered how they would taste, pressed up against his.
He was about to figure it out, but then he remembered, there was more important things going on. He turned away from Delilah and left to go see the stranger. Delilah gasped at how close see was to getting her first kiss, with Julius.

Julius poked his head out from behind a crate to see if the man was armed, he wasn't. Julius stepped out from behind the crate. The mysterious man wore all black. He looked at Julius with a wicked grin. "Finally you come to your senses... wait where's Delilah. Don't tell me she's not coming out. I would hate for both of your deaths to be slow and very painful."

"I would be more concerned about your death, right now."

"You have attitude... and I don't like that." Now his face was very serious. "Now I can't see you dying anyway but, slow and painful. Well give me your best shot."
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