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A fight breaks out, but who will win?

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Julius held the needle in his hand. The man eyed it, "What are you going to do with that?" Julius didn't say anything he just gripped it tighter, "Answer me!" The man did not like being ignored. Julius just stood there. The man clamed down and a smirk look came on his face. He knew exactly how to provoke Julius. "Come over here so I can, take care of you. Then I can go in there (He pointed to the warehouse) and very slowly and extremely painfully kill your, precious girlfriend."

Julius was furious. Usually he would be embarrassed, when someone referred to his best friend as his girlfriend, but right now he didn't care. He would make that man regret, that he had treated Delilah. "If you ever touch her I'll make sure..."

"What! You're treating me. Ha!" The man started to laugh and that just made Julius even angrier. "That was rich. I needed a good laugh."

"You'll never touch her." Julius gripped the needle tighter.

"How are you going to protect her if you're not around? What if you're sleeping or...Dead."

Julius couldn't contain his anger anymore. With a fierce look in his eyes he charged at, the man. With the needle in his raised hand. Ready to strike him when he was close enough.

The man looked at Julius with dismay. Julius was just about to bring down the needle, but the man swiftly, stepped aside and stuck out his foot.

Julius crashed into the ground and the needle flew out of his hand and landed right by the stranger's feet. The man picked it up and walked over to Julius.

Julius felt like such a fool. He fell for one of the oldest tricks. Delilah would be so disappointed in him. He tried to get to his feet quickly, but fell again when he was kneed very hard in the back. Julius moaned in pain as the man put his knee in his back and pull his head up by his hair. "Why does this do?" He showed Julius the needle. He didn't say anything. "Tell me!" Demanded the man. Julius still didn't answer. "Fine. I'll just have to find out myself." He didn't hesitate to inject Julius with the needle. He immediately passed out.

The man let go of Julius' hair and his head hit the ground, hard. He got up and calmly brushed some dirt off of himself. "One down, one to go." He walked into the warehouse, with his head held high. Like he was on top of the world.

"Come on out Delilah, it's me Julius your brave boyfriend. I got rid of the bad man." A smile spread across his face.

"I'm not an idiot. I know you're not Julius."

He turned in the direction were he thought he had heard her voice. "How did you know?"

"I've know Julius since he was five and you don't sound a thing like him." He turned around and went off in a different direction. "Also we're not dating." He stopped and listened very carefully.

"I know you two aren't dating."

"And how do you know that."

"I use to be a profiler for the F.B.I."


"I can tell a lot of things about you just by the way you act." Now he knew exactly were she was.

"Oh so by seeing the way I act, you can tell that I'm not dating Julius." He carefully and quietly walked over to the crate. "So can you tell how old a person is just by looking at them?" Still being very careful and quiet, he peered around the side of the crate and was excited to see, that he was facing her back. "Well." in one swift move he grabbed her in a head lock and dragged her to her feet.

He put his lips real close to her ear and whispered, "Who's the idiot now." Delilah was completely shocked, how could she be such a fool. Of course he was listening to her voice. Julius would be so disappointed in her.

"I hope you're more cooperative than your partner. Now tell me what this does." He grabbed the needle that Delilah was holding onto. He loosened his grip a little so she could talk.

"Something." That was all she would say.

"Fine. I guess I'll have two test subjects than." He injected her with it before she could even ask him what he meant by that. Her whole body went limp and the man dropped her. When she hit the ground, she hit her head on a small rock which made a gash right above her eye.
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