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On our own.

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The girls find out that the guys have been captured and it's up to them to save the prophecy.

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The girls were having a blast without the guys. They watched movies, danced

to some music, and ate junk food. By the time it was 12:00am they were already


Theresa checked the time, " shouldn't the guys be back by now? It's already


Atlanta slumped on the couch, too tired to move, "maybe you should call them

on your PMR. Jay never goes anywhere without his. I hope they're okay."

"Me too," said Theresa and she took out her PMR.

" Jay? Are you there? It's getting late. Are you guys okay? Jay?"


Jay came to with a severe headache, the sirens' song still stuck in his head.

He heard groans all around him and he knew that the other guys were with him too.

" Jay?.....there?.......geting late....Are.....okay?...Jay?"

What was that? He jerked awake. It was his PMR. The girls must be trying to

contact him. Slowly he reached for his PMR and pressed the talk button.

" Theresa? Is that you?"

" Jay? Where are you? It's midnight already."

" I-I don't know where we are..." Jay looked around him. They were in cave

of some sort. Obviously they were underground since it was very damp and cold.

He could here Atlanta in the background, " Is Archie and the rest of the

guys there too?"

Jay checked and saw Archie, Herry, Odie, and Neil in the cave too. They

were all rubbing thier heads from the pain and looking around them with

looks of confusion on thier faces.

Jay responded, " they're alive as well."

He could here Theresa mutter to Atlanta about something but he couldn't make

out what it was they were saying.

Then he heard Theresa ask to him, "Jay the place you are in what does

it look like?"

" It looks like some sort of cave. Very cold and damp and the light seems to

come from a few cracks in the wall."

There was a few seconds pause, "Alright Jay, Atlata and I are going to find

you guys."

" Wait, before you go can you get a lock on our coordinates and tell us where

we are?"

There was another pause before he heard Theresa snicker and Atlanta say,

" okay Jay, we know where you are but I suggest you don't tell Neil

this." Jay waited for a response.

"You are in the sewers."

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