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boys night out

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The guys decide to have a boys night out in town... and run into a bit of trouble.

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The girls spent a long time in Atlanta's room, laughing and talking about

stuff that girls usually talk about such as gossip, clothes(in Theresa's case),

movies, music, and boys.

By the time the girls, came out of Atlanta's room it was already 4:30. They

were very hungry (since they didn't have lunch) so they walked down to the

kitchen, where they found Athena cooking them dinner. The guys were nowhere to be


"Hello girls," greeted Athena.

"Hello," responded Theresa, "Where are the guys?"

"Oh, they went out apparently to have a 'boys night out' so they won't be

coming back until later on tonight.

Atlanta didn't mind this. It would give her some time before she had to smooth

things out with Archie.


"Honestly Archie," said Jay accidently hitting the cue ball into the

hole, "how are you going to apologize to Atlanta for the outburst you guys


"Jay can we not talk about this right now?" Archie pleaded.

After the arguement between Archie and Atlanta, Jay suggested that

the guys have a 'boys night out' to hopefully relieve the stress that

Archie was feeling. So far it only helped a little bit.

First the guys ate at a place called 'Burger Hut,' the least-fanciest-non-

fast-food restaurant in town. Then went to see a supposibly action-

packed movie called 'Snakes on a Plane.' And now they were hanging out

at a bar (NO they were NOT drinking) playing pool with each other.

Archie was playing against Jay, and Herry was playing against Neil,

while Odie was waiting for one of the games to finish so he could

play the winner.

Archie had no idea how he should apologize to Atlanta. To be honest none of

it was his OR her fault at all. So why did they not speak afterwards? Was Atlanta

getting tired of their continious bickering. He began to worry. He hoped this

didn't affect his friendship with Atlanta. He wished they were more like Jay and

Theresa where all they needed was to give ONE of them a little push and off to

relationship land they go! What Archie needed was a HUGE shove to ask

Atlanta out and IF she liked him back THEN they might take it slowly and THEN off

to relationship land. Sometimes life just plain sucked!

Jay looked at the clock on the wall. It was 10:30. Seeing the worried look

on Archie's face(who was still confused about how to apoligize to Atlanta) he

decided that they should head back to the dorm.

On the way back the guys(even Archie) were discussing how much fun they had

that night without the girls. Though for Archie and Jay there were two girls whom

they couldn't stop thinking about so they did not join in the remarks on how fun

it was without them.

Suddenly they heard some singing. It was soft and sweet and emediatly the

boys were enchanted and eager to find the source of the singing. Eventually they

found the sources of the voices and saw three beautiful women singing softly,

beckoning the boys towards them. Neil, Odie and Herry eagerly followed but Archie

and Jay became confused. No human on earth could sing this softly. And there was

only ONE creature who could. Sirens!

It was a TRAP! But before the two boys could warn the others they felt

something whack them on the side of their head and they emediatly blacked out.
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