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thinking it through

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Atlanta has an arguement with herself and tries to decide whether or not she should apologize to Archie.

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Atlanta woke up at around 10:30am.

She could not stop thinking about the arguement she had with Archie. They've

had tons of arguements, so why did they not speak after that one?

Atlanta sighed. Maybe Archie will come to his senses and apoligize today and

then things would go back to normal.

'But what makes you think it was all Archie's fault' whispered a little voice

inside her head, ' Why can't you apoligize to him? Or are you afraid of taking the

blame for your little spaz?'

Atlanta put her hands over her ears, desperate to shut the voice out of her

head. Which was pointless since the voice was inside her head.

'You always won your arguements until you met Archie,' the little voice

in her head continued, 'Since then you've never been able to admit that you

were wrong. Everything is just competition for you!'

"SHUT UP!" shouted Atlanta, pounding her head with her pillow.

"Atlanta," said a voice behind her door, "Are you okay?"

It was Theresa. Atlanta opened the door.

"Hey, Atlanta," said Theresa peering into her room, " who were you shouting


"No one, just talking to myself,"

"Is it about Archie?"

Atlanta bit her lip before she nodded her head.

Theresa entered her room and sat down on her bed patting the spot beide her.

Atlanta flopped onto her bed and stared at the ceiling.

"Now," said Theresa quietly, "tell me where it hurts."

Any other time Atlanta would pass a snide comment, but this time was

different. Very different.

So Atlanta told Theresa everything. How she felt so competitive around

Archie, how she felt she would never stop arguing until she was sure she was

winning, how she got a wierd feeling every time he was close to her, a feeling she

felt around no other guy but him.

She looked at Theresa. She could tell she was thinking hard about what

Atlanta had just said.

Then the question came, "Do you like him?"

Atlanta sat up quickly and asked, " LIKE,like or just like?

Theresa smiled and said, " LIKE, like."

Atlanta's first instinct was to yell " HECK NO!" But the more she thought

about it, the more she began to realize that what Theresa said might not sound

that ridiculous.

Theresa stood up, " the first thing you should do is try to apologize to

him. Then decide whether or not you like him. And if you do," her smile grew wider,

"then you can tell him how you feel."

Atlanta laughed, "I'll only tell him after you tell Jay how YOU feel about


Theresa blushed, " Okay, fine. If you go apoligize to Archie and tell him how

you feel, then I'll tell Jay. Deal?"


So then they discussed how to tell the guys about thier feelings.

Theresa grinned. She knew she would get Atlanta to crack about her feelings


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