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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

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"So, how 'bout we play a game then?" Josh suggested, "So that we can get to know each other more!"

"I dunno Josh, I ... I'm not so good at sharing ... I don't usually talk to people very much ..." Tyler responded, all of a sudden becoming very touchy and quiet, shrinking back into himself. "Maybe we can just play Mario Kart instead?"

"Aww, c'mon TyJo, it'll be fun and you and I can know each other better! Please?" Josh pleaded, pulling the killer puppy-eyes and putting on his best and cutest pouty face.

"Why would you even make the eyes at me Jish? You know I can't say no to them." Tyler wined. "Fine, I'll play if I have to ... But you're starting first!"

"Yay! Okay so ... Hmm, what don't you know about me? How about you ask me a question and I'll answer it as honestly as possible, how does that sound?"

"Yeah, that sounds pretty cool, but what questions am I allowed to ask you? Or aren't I allowed to ask you, I meant ..." Tyler inquired, worried that he may ask something too personal of Josh and knowing Josh, he would answer that question, because that's the kind of guy he is.

"Nothing is off-limits for me ... How about you though?" Josh responded, becoming concerned at Tyler's behavioural shift.

"Oh ... um ..." Ty began, not sure of how to say what he didn't want to be known ... "I guess nothing could be off-limits ..."

"Are you sure? I don't wanna intrude or anything you know ... And if you really don't wanna play then-"

"No it's fine. Really, lets play!" Tyler cut him off, deciding that he wanted to see what Josh would ask him, and whether or not he could answer it without lying. He was terrible at lying to Josh ... And they both knew it. "Okay so, um ... who's your favourite band?"

"Aw that's easy! twenty øne piløts of course!" Josh laughed.

"Really? You know that's so ironic right?"

"Yeah, I'm my own favourite band! So, where did you go to school?"

"Oh ... I, was ... Um ... I was home-schooled ... Until I went to collage with a sport scholarship ..."

"Oh really? Nice ... What was the sport scholarship for?"

"Hey, not your turn!" Tyler laughed, starting to enjoy this little game.

"Fine then, ask me a question?" Josh sulked, such a child he was.

"Okay ... Where did you go to school?"

"Okay so I went to Cedarwood Alternative Elementary School, then I went to Sherwood Middle School and then I went to Northland High School ... And then I worked at Guitar Centre and yeah ... You know the rest obviously ha ha!" Josh replied coolly.

"Wow ... Okay then now it's your turn to ask me a question."

"Right, so what was the sport scholarship for?"

"That was for basketball ... Cause that's the only sport I can play ... But I dropped out of it and changed to music and began playing piano and stuff ..." Tyler responded awkwardly.

"Oh, interesting ... So you play Basketball then?"

"Yeah ... but that's it ... I'm pathetic at other sports ... So, do you play sports, or did you?"

"Yeah, I played Basketball, Softball, Soccer ... I think I was in all the school sporting teams to be honest ..."

"Oh, wow ... I suck at those other ones ..."

"Nah, you just haven't played them properly before, or been taught how to silly." Josh said, sticking his tongue out at the other male. "Alright my turn again ... What's your favourite instrument to play?"

"Oh ... Um ... Is all of them an answer?"

"Nope, gotta pick one of them!"

"Oh great ... You just love making this infinitely hard for me don't you?"

"Pretty much"

"Fine ... I choose ... Ukulele ...."

"Why the Uke?"

"Because that's the most punk thing I got to play ..." Tyler and Josh both laugh at this and for the first time, Tyler is feeling better. He's actually laughing at something someone else has said, he's actually enjoying himself for once ... He doesn't understand what's changed but he doesn't want it to go away. He likes this ... Whatever it is he feels for Josh. Tyler thinks it might be Josh that's making him happier. Right now he doesn't care, he just want's Josh to keep smiling and stay happy. "Alrighty then ... Who's your favourite out of Thor, Captain America or Loki?"

"Oh easy, no competition it's Loki."

"But why? He's the bad guy!"

"No he's not! He's just misunderstood, that's all ..."

"Oh ... I see your point ... You know the more you think about it the more that makes sense."

"So my turn ... Hmm, what's your favourite take-out place to go get food?"

"Why you asking that one?" Tyler asked, looking at Josh quizzically, not understanding why he chose that question out of thin air.

"Because I'm hungry and you haven't eaten all day so I'm getting food now ... And I wanna know what your favourite take-out place is to order from there!" Josh replied happily.

"Oh ..." Tyler hadn't realised that he hadn't eaten food all day ... And he didn't realise that Josh picked up on it ... He didn't think it was that noticeable, his bad eating habits ... Or rather his lack of eating habits... Was it? "Um ... Taco Bell I guess would be my favourite ..."

"Mine too!" Josh exclaimed happily, he was like a little puppy dog.

"But I'm not hungry, I ate earlier, before you came ..."

"Really? What did you eat?"

"... An apple?" Tyler tried.

"Tyler ... There are no apples here ..." Josh deadpanned.

"Yeah, that's ‘cause I ate it silly!" Tyler continued, trying to laugh at his own stupid joke he made.

"Nope, not good enough, we're going to Taco Bell right now, no buts! ... Well ... Maybe your butt ... In the car ha ha!" Josh jumped up, grabbing Tyler's hands and pulling him to his feet and leading him (more like dragging him) out of the door and towards the car.

"But Jish, I ain't hungry now!"

"I don't care I'm hungry and I'm going to Taco Bell and you're coming with me." Josh says as he continues to stuff Tyler inside the car and get into the driver's side.

"Fine, but I'm not eating anything, I already told you I'm not hungry."

"Fine by me." Josh says, starting the car and heading in a direction he thinks is south, towards the nearest Taco Bell.

When they get there, Josh parks the car and they get out of the car, heading to the doors of the eatery. Josh, being a gentleman, opens the door for Tyler on their way into the restaurant.

"You know I could've opened that for myself right Josh?"

"I know." Josh smiles, not giving an explanation to why he opened the door for Tyler. The truth was, he liked Tyler. He liked being around him, he liked making him smile. It was so rare, that cute Tyler smile, that every time he got Tyler to smile, he'd immediately feel 100 times happier. He felt like he had accomplished something worth accomplishing. And so Josh had made it is personal goal every day, to make Tyler smile at least once.

The boys chose a table for two in the far back corner. Tyler's stomached rumbled really loudly in respond to the beautiful aromas wafting throughout the entire eatery, assaulting his senses in a wonderful but painful way.

"Sound's like your stomach is hungry Ty ha ha!" Josh joked upon hearing Ty's stomach. Turning serious again he asked, "You sure you don't want anything to eat? Even if it's just a small milkshake or something?"

Tyler's stomached ached for the sweet taste of a chocolate milkshake and the hot tacos that were being made in the kitchens as they spoke. He longed for the glorious foods being served to the people dining but he knew that he was going to hurl it all back up the second it went down. But he couldn't deny what he was craving, so he gave in to the ravenous pit known as his stomach.

"Yeah, I'm actually really hungry now that I can smell the food ..." Tyler said sheepishly, suddenly finding the floor and his shoes really interesting.

"I knew you would ha ha, it's okay, what do you want to eat?"

"Oh, can I have a large chocolate milkshake and some ordinary tacos please? And could you, um, or-order for m-me? I don't really like talking to other people ..."

"Yeah, that's cool I get it ... Don't worry about it it's fine, so is that all you wanted?"

"Yeah, thanks Jish."

"No worries Ty."

As Josh went to go order and wait in line for the food to come back, Tyler began to contemplate why he was suddenly feeling better. Why was he happier? Was it because of Josh? He had noticed that Josh was trying to make him smile or laugh a bit lately ... And he had noticed that Josh would laugh and look genuinely happy and pleased whenever Tyler did laugh or smile ... Was Tyler making Josh happier by laughing? Was Josh making Tyler happy again? Maybe he is, but how do I know for sure? And why is he having this effect on me? Surely it's because he's being a good friend to me right? Tyler didn't have any time to try and answer his own questions, because Josh had come back with the tray of food in his arms.

"Here you go, one large chocolate milkshake and original tacos for the Skeleboy and one large Coke with ice and two spicy Mexican tacos for the Alienboy." Josh said, pleased with himself that he didn't fall over or spill anything on his way over to Tyler.

"Thanks Josh." Tyler said gratefully, accepting the food offering and devouring the tacos like he hadn't seen food in months ... Which is kinda true ...

"Hey, you might wanna slow down Ty, you'll make yourself sick if you eat too fast!" Josh joked, noticing how fast Tyler was eating.

"Oh, okay then." Tyler said, finally looking up from his half-demolished tacos and drink to become captivated by Josh's eyes. They were such a beautiful shade of brown, but when the light hit them right, they'd be a hazel brown, slightly golden. "Josh?"

"Yeah Ty?"

"Have you been trying to make me smile and laugh more lately?"

"... Uh ... Yeah, I guess ..."

"Oh okay .... Why?"

"Uh ... Because, and this is really stupid, but I don't really see you smile or laugh much ... And one time I caught you laughing and smiling and I just found it funny and cute ... And I kinda realised that you don't smile much so I decide to try and make you smile as much as possible ..." Josh finished, sheepishly staring at his food.

"Oh ..." Tyler responded. Both men went back to eating and upholding a more general conversation ... Or as general as you can get with these two so it seemed.

"Come one, time to go home and sleep, you look really sleepy Ty." Josh said, finishing the last mouthful of his delicious spicy Mexican taco.

"Yeah, I am sleepy, food does that I think ... Maybe I'm just tired I dunno ... But I wanna go to sleep so let's go home." Tyler agreed.

After driving home and going back inside the house Tyler asked Josh to stay and sleep over and Josh agreed, taking up residence on the couch. Tyler didn't know why he had asked, he just felt safer knowing that Josh was near him. In truth, he didn't know how he felt about Josh anymore ... All he knew was he didn't want Josh to leave him ... He felt like he needed Josh to stay alive, felt like Josh was his air, his lungs. He didn't understand why after such a short amount of time he was feeling such a strong connection to the sleepy figure snuggled up cutely on the couch downstairs ... He just did.

Don't hang up
Because I don't have anyone left here
Don't give up
Don't hang on to anything I've said

That night Tyler had the first really bad Blurryface nightmare in years … And it severely scared him and he woke up screaming. Blurryface had invaded his peaceful dream of going to the park with Josh and just lounging around in the forest of trees at the end of it … Then Ty had gone to show Josh his special friend tree and Josh asked who Blurryface was, because that was Tyler’s only friend name written there. That’s when Blurryface had entered unwelcome, he said “I am Joshua William Dun, and if you think you can make me leave with that medication you’re taking Tyler … Hehehe … You’re sorely mistaken boy!” At that Blurryface ripped a gaping hole in the friend tree and crawled himself out of it. He looked almost exactly the same has he did to Tyler all those many long and painful years ago, but this time he was more deranged and demented. He was a hazy vision, fizzing in and out like a badly tuned TV. His eyes were burning a fierce red, they were even redder than the last time he had gotten seriously angry with Tyler … If that was even possible. Instead of having human hands and fingers, they were sharp jagged claws with metal talons at each tip. His body and clothes were absolutely covered in dried, crystallised blood of a sickly dark crimson/black. Once Blurryface had fully climbed out of the tree he stood towering before Tyler and Josh, and spoke: “Missed me Tyler? Well now I’m back … And you’ve been a naughty, very disobedient boy … You broke the rules that I set down for you to follow … Do you remember what happens when you break those rules Tyler? You get hurt don’t you? Well not this time … Because you’re used to me hurting you physically … I’m going to have to take something from you … Something that means the world to you … Something you’d do anything for … Something that you would DIE for … Something human, covered in flesh, breathing and living … Something that gives you hope and makes you happy and takes care of you and makes you feel the way nobody has ever made you feel … Can you guess what that something is Tyler? I’ll give you a hint … That something that I’m going to take away from you is standing here today … And his name is Joshua William Dun … He’s the thing you used TO REPLACE ME AND NOW I’M TAKING IT AWAY FROM YOU FOREVER! YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO ME TYLER ROBERT JOSEPH! YOU THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH LOCKING ME UP IN YOUR STUPID PATHETIC MIND LIKE THIS? HA! I’d like to see you TRY AND ESCAPE ME NOW!!! I AM STRONGER NOW THAN I EVER WAS!! You will die by MY HANDS!” Blurryface practically screeched … Then he leaped at Josh and Tyler heard Josh scream in agonising pain … He heard Josh screaming his name and he could do nothing to save him … And that’s when Tyler woke screaming for Josh.
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