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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

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Josh had woken up to use the bathroom and on his return to the couch he heard someone talking … He followed the voice and recognised it to be Tyler’s and it was coming from his room … I’d better not inturupt him … It’s probably something personal … If he want’s me to know he’ll tell me … So Josh had went back downstairs and plugged in his earphones and turned on his favourite songs and went back to sleep on the couch.

I hate my weaknesses
They make me who I am
It makes no difference
I'm insignificant

Tyler woke the next morning after fitfully falling in and out of his sleep, fearing that if he stayed asleep for very long Blurryface would come back to haunt him … And he definitely couldn’t handle anything worse than the last time Blurry plagued his thoughts. He decided to have a shower and get dressed in fresh clothes, to try wake him up more. He turned on the shower and got the temperature just right, then stripped and let the warmth of the spray relax his body. He cleaned himself and made sure that his cuts that were relatively fresh were cleaned and free from dirt and other things that could cause infections. After cleaning himself he turned off the shower and dried himself with a black towel, so the blood from the opened cuts didn’t show through. He then proceeded to bandage and dress the cuts appropriately and then clothed himself in his favourite clothes: black, ripped skinny jeans; red socks; a big, baggy, black singlet; an overcoat and a red beanie. Tyler then thought about what Blurryface had said in his dream. He had referred to Josh in a way that Tyler didn’t think he believed in. He had referred to Josh as practically his soulmate or boyfriend or significant other. But how could that be? Nobody would like me, heck love me in that way … Especially Josh … But is Blurryface actually telling the truth for once? Do I really feel this way about Josh? The answer was simple … Yes, yes he did.
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