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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

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Josh awoke in the morning to Tyler gently shaking him awake and unplugging his earphones from his iPod.

“Huh … Ugh … Wha … What is it?” He managed to muffle through the blankets and pillows he had stolen for himself on the couch.

“Hey, I think you should get up … Cause the sun is up … And that means it’s time to be awake Jish …” Tyler was saying gently, trying to wake the older male in a nice way without upsetting him. That wouldn’t be very helpful for Ty.

“Oh … Hey Ty … Sleep well?” Josh said, finally awaking to a degree where he could recognise the sounds he was hearing as words and those words were coming from Tyler’s mouth.

“Um … Yeah … I guess …” The younger tried to respond believably, not wanting to really be questioned about his sleep right now …

“That’s good …” Josh replied, not pressing the fact that he could see through Tyler’s lies and not wanting to press on the fact he heard Tyler mumbling in his sleep last night. “So whatcha wanna do today TyJo?” Josh asked, wanting to do stuff with Ty.

“Well, I thought you might wanna have a shower first and get changed and then Imma take you somewhere?” Tyler stated, more questioned, in the hopes of Jish saying yes and agreeing to the secret plan that he didn’t even know was going to happen.

“Okay, sounds like a plan! One tiny problem though … I don’t have spare clothes haha!”

“That’s okay … I should have some spare stuff lying around somewhere that will fit you …”

“You saying I’m fat?” Josh said, poking fun at Tyler.

“Wha … N-n-no … I mean … I’m a bit s-smaller …” Tyler began, tripping over his words as his face burned a deep shade of crimson before Josh cut him off.

“Nah it’s all good mate I’m just poking fun at you haha!”

“Oh … Okay, I’ll go find some stuff for you to wear then …” With that Tyler went to explore his house for some clothing that would fit the older male currently residing on his couch. It took a good fifteen minutes for Tyler to even work out where he kept his old clothes, and another fifteen for him to find some that Josh could possibly fit into without having his insides squeezed out. Meanwhile, Josh had found the downstairs bathroom and proceeded to get unchanged and shower. The warm water was a pleasant friend to his aching muscles and it was soothing and relaxing. By the time Josh had finished Tyler had found some decent clothing that would both fit Josh and keep him warm as the weather outside threatened to be very chilly. Josh was drying himself down when he heard a soft tapping at the locked door, and Tyler’s little voice.

“Uh … Hey Josh? I think I found some clothes that will fit nicely ad keep you warm at the same time … Can I hand them to you?”

“Yeah I’m decent it’s cool.” Josh coolly replied, unlocking the door in the process. Tyler opened the door carefully and stuck his hand and arm through the gap, along with the bag of clothes for Josh. “Thanks buddy, I’ll be out in a sec, that okay?”

“Yeah take your time it’s cool.”


Whilst Josh was getting into the bag of clothes, Tyler got everything else he needed for today ready: His backpack, a backpack for Josh, lunch/food of some sort (because Josh was always hungry, his pocket knife, and blankets. As he was packing he didn’t notice Josh coming out of the bathroom, hair still dripping from not being dried properly, and observing him.

“Whatcha packing for Ty, a trip to the moon?”

Tyler, surprised, spun around and replied, “No, just for our trip today … Unless you’ve changed your mind … which is cool by the way …”

“No, was just wondering what we needed two backpacks and a bundle of blankets for haha … Where are you taking me today Tyler?”


“Nope what?”

“Not telling. Secret.”

“Aw whaaaaat? Secret? Why can’t you tell meeeeeeee??” Josh started playfully whining at the younger male, teasing him in a childish voice.

“Because I said so. There, all ready … Get your butt in the car.”

“Hey … That’s my line!”

“Well too bad, not any more, get your flesh out the door and squat or sit or whatever just get in the car silly!”

“Fine.” Josh said in defeat, sticking his tongue out like the four year old he is. Noticing that Tyler was going to try carry all the stuff by himself he offered to help carry some.

“Oh … thanks … It’s really not that heavy …”

“Never mind there’s a backpack for each of us to carry.”

“Okay then.”
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