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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

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Five months later and the boys were going on tour during February and they couldn’t be happier. Tyler’s issues with Blurryface were going away steadily because of the system that they had worked out together. They always shared a bed so that whenever Blurryface attacked Josh would immediately wake up because Tyler wouldn’t be peaceful anymore and Josh would wake him up and calm him down. Their fans went crazy, sending much love and congratulations and appreciation like never before when the couple went public over Twitter about it. However little did Tyler know that their gig on the 14th of February, their last for this tour, was going to be something special that Josh, with the help of their tour team, had planned since the beginning of the tour.

When it was the night before the hometown gig Josh had made sure that Tyler was in their hotel room before announcing that he was going to check his drum kit just to be sure that it was ready. Tyler had left him to it and went back to playing Mario Kart whilst Josh had left the hotel and headed down to the venue of their gig. He entered and then double checked that all his special preparations were in place and that everyone knew what they had to do when Josh gave the signal. Everyone knew the plan like the back of their hands and they broke away for the night and retreated to their hotel rooms, Josh coming back in and settling down for the night with his boyfriend.

When Tyler awoke the next morning he found that Josh had made him breakfast and he ate it gladly, happy that Josh still insisted on making him breakfast every morning. Then the pair went to do sound check for their gig and tested out all their equipment, then went about for the rest of the day practicing their set for the fans. When it was time for the show to start the fans had been gathered in the venue and Josh appeared onstage and called for quiet from the audience. He then proceeded to explain his plan to them and told them to wait for the signal before following out the plan. Then he went backstage and the announcer called the show and both boys performed their set to their hometown fans. Right at the end of the show Josh pulled out his trumpet and played a fanfare tune into his mic and the fans all went dead quiet and looked up to the stage. Tyler was confused.

“Josh. Always having the last play aren’t you?” Tyler joked into the microphone, but it was met with still silence. Tyler was even more confused and began to get worried. He looked over to where Josh should have been but Josh had disappeared. Tyler tried calling out to Josh into the microphone but no response came back. A few minutes later the lights dimmed and left Tyler in semi-darkness onstage. He was about to leave when a spotlight turned on and highlighted Josh, who was holding something behind his back.

“Tyler, I have something special for you.” Josh said, and the lights burst back into life, revealing that the stage and been silently changed from their band set into a massing line of confetti cannons lining the edges of the stage and in the centre was a priest with a Bible in hand.

“What’s happening Jish?” Tyler whispered, slightly confused but starting to get the idea of where this was all going. Josh came over to his boyfriend and then got down on one knee. Tyler knew what was coming next and began to tear up.

“Tyler Robert Joseph,” Josh began, tears in his eyes and his voice trembling both with excitement and fear. “Ever since I’ve met you I thought you were something special. I’ve always thought that you were an amazing man and a kind, funny, talented and above all perfect friend. I have never thought anything less of you and I never will. I knew that you were troubled and you rarely seemed to be truly happy and I decided to make it my personal mission to make you smile and laugh at least once a day. I love your smile and your laugh always makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I told my parents what was happening because I was kinda confused at first why I thought of you as fondly as I always will. They said it was because I liked you more than a friend and it hit me that they were right. I went to your parents to ask them for permission to be your boyfriend and they said yes. I asked you out and you said yes. And now I ask one last question in the hoes the answer will be the same. Will you marry me Ty?” Josh finished, his eyes bright and hopeful and looking up into his boyfriend’s face. Tyler was stunned that Josh actually wanted to marry him. Tyler broke down and cried, nodding his head and repeatedly saying yes whilst hugging Josh.

The males got up and the priest came over to them, opened his Bible, and began to wed them.

“Do you, Tyler Robert Joseph, wish to take this man as your lawfully wedded husband; to love and to cherish for all eternity?” The priest said, looking at Tyler.

“I do.” Tyler replied.

“And do you, Joshua William Dun, wish to take this man as your lawfully wedded husband; to love and to cherish for all eternity?” The priest continued, turning now to face Josh.

“I do.” Josh replied, not breaking eye contact with his boyfriend.

“By the power invested in my by the whole spirit, I now pronounce thee husband and husband.” The priest finished, closing his Bible. The confetti cannons went off and the crowd went crazy, cheering and clapping louder than they ever had before. Josh kissed Tyler in the confetti rain, which was as cliché as he was gonna get. The show ended and the boys went back to their dressing rooms, their backstage crew cheering and congratulating them along the way.

“Okay now get dressed nicely to go out somewhere Jish.” Tyler said.

“Why Ty?” Josh questioned, looking over from his packed up drum kit to his husband.

“Because you weren’t the only one to prepare something special today.” Tyler said knowingly, not wanting to let anything else slip. The pair got all dressed up decently and Tyler drove them to Taco Bell.

“Really Tyler? You want me to dress up to go to Taco Bell?” Josh laughed. Tyler shushed him and led him inside the darkened Taco Bell. The lights were all out and Josh was confused as to what was happening. Tyler continued to hold Josh’s hand and lead him throughout the eatery in the dark, until he let go of Josh’s hand and moved away from him. Josh was still confused and a little scared of what was happening until the lights turned on and all their families jumped out and yelled out: “SURPRISE! CONGRATULATIONS!”

“What are you all doing here? Why were the lights out? Tyler!” Josh started questioning.

“Well I was planning on proposing to you but you beat me to it … So I texted mom to say that the plan had slightly changed.” Tyler explained to his husband, who was looking at the extensive decorations that lined the transformed Taco Bell.

“But how did you get Taco Bell to do this all?” Josh asked, still admiring the decorations.

“Well it looks like you’re not the only one who frequents this place Jish, so I asked them if I could have the place to us just for tonight and they said it was fine, so long as they can cater the event.” Tyler said and just as he finished the catering staff of the Taco Bell restaurant came out with trays of food and drink for all the guests.

Everybody said their congratulations to the newlyweds and began to celebrate, eating and drinking to their hearts content and then singing and dancing until it was very early morning and everybody decided it was time to go home. After everybody else had left Tyler and Josh helped the staff clean up after the party and went back to Tyler’s house, and slept. Neither of them had planned for a honeymoon and so the both of them decided to just stay at home in bed and sleep, as both of them were exhausted from the tour and the partying and celebrations. Nothing was more perfect than this for both of them.
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