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Chapter 11

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It's been 11 years since Olivia Benson lost her daughter, Susan, to Child Services. Will she ever find Susan?

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Chapter 11

Point of view of Olivia Benson

Munch is driving me to Mercy after Amanda calls me saying that El and Susan have both been shot. I cry as Munch speeds towards the hospital. I can't lose both my El and my little girl at the same time. Once we arrive, Munch and I run into the ER. I spot Julie and ask her where El and Susan are. She says they're both all right. I smile through my tears. Amanda is sitting with a little girl in her lap. Nick is sitting next to Don who is crying also. I ask Julie if I can see Susan. She leads me to a room where Susan is laying on a bed with her eyes closed. Julie tells me to go to Susan which I do. I sit on the left side of the bed and watch my little girl sleep. A few seconds later, Susan opens her eyes and sees me sitting next to her looking at her.

"Mom, is that you?"

I nod and pull her close. Susan wraps her arms around me as I shift so that I can lay next to her without letting her go. Susan whispers that her angel told her that she has to come back so that I wouldn't be heartbroken if she had died. I kiss her hair and hold her as I thank her angel for sending my little girl back to me.


I look up at the door. El is standing there smiling at me. I smile back at him. He walks over to me and kisses my forehead softly.

"I'm okay too, baby. I love you."

I ask him who shot both him and Susan.

"I don't know. I had my head turned so I didn't see the shooter. When I came to in the OR, I started calling for my Liv. The doctors promised me I would make it. The bullet just grazed my shoulder, baby. I'm right here beside you."

I had almost forgotten Susan was in my arms when she said that she wouldn't have gotten shot too if she hadn't gotten out of the car. I tell her I'm not angry at her. She says that Sara kept begging her not to leave the car but she didn't listen. I ask Susan who Sara is.

"She was my best friend that went missing 2 years ago. I never saw her again until today. She helped me find you, Mom."

Just then, Amanda, Nick, Munch, and Don come into the room. Amanda is carrying the little girl I'd seen sitting on her lap. The girl has her arms wrapped around Amanda's neck like she'll never let go. Amanda whispers to her that somebody wants to thank her for bringing her mom back to her. The little girl turns her head and sees Susan in my arms. She smiles. Amanda carries her over to Susan's bed and sets her down beside my little girl. They hold each other for a long time as we all watch. I suddenly think to ask about Fin. Nick says he is at the precinct keeping an eye on Kathy who'd shot El and then Susan. El stares at him in shock.

"Kathy shot me and Susan? Where did she get the gun?"

Nick says Kathy got it from a pawn shop in Brooklyn. El sighs as he looks at me. He apologizes to me for screwing up yet again. I tell him that it could've been worse for both him and Susan. He smiles and kisses my lips.

"Mom, can we try to find Sara's mom? I know she is still looking for her like you kept looking for me."

Sara says her mom isn't looking for her. I ask her why not.

"Mom's dead. She got killed a year ago in a car crash. She came to me and told me she couldn't be with me anymore but that a blonde woman my friend Susan calls Aunt Lex is going to adopt me and be my new mom."

Susan says she doesn't know anyone she calls Aunt Lex. Just then, I realize Sara is talking about Alex Cabot. I tell Susan that I will be right back. She says she knows I'm going to go call Alex. When I reach Alex, I tell her that her little girl is waiting for her at Mercy to bring her home. She says she knows Sara is waiting for her and that she is about to board a flight back to New York. I hang up and go back to Susan's room where only El, Susan and Sara are waiting. Susan has her arms around a sleeping Sara. Susan is resting her head on Elliot's chest as she sleeps too. I go over and stand next to my El. He pulls me onto his lap as he tries not to wake Susan up.

"Alex on her way, Liv?"

"Yeah. El, I love you."

I kiss his neck as we sit there. I am so glad he and Susan are okay. I tell him that I will marry him. He chuckles.

"I'm glad you decided to become part of the Stabler family after all."

"I think I've always been a part of your family. I just didn't know it then. I do now."
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