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My first Danny Phantom Fanfiction! well first fanfiction acually enjoy! This takes place right after PP Danny and Sam are Happily together. Lucky for them the ghosts haven't intruded in months. But...

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Danny Phantom In

The Earth's Savior

Author's note Last time we saw our ghostly halfa he picked up his Girlfriend and flew off into the moonlight.

Danny and the rest of the gang are officially Sophomores

Now lets see how they have been since then shall we.

(At Casper High)

Dash - Hey Tucker,

Tucker - Hi Dash?

Dash - What?

Tucker - Nothing, it's just that we're cool then?

Dash- Oh ya totally ever since Fenton saved the Planet,I figured that you guys are actually pretty cool and now that you're the Mayor it's even better.

Tucker- Wow thanks I guess

Paulina-Hi Tucker

Tucker- Oh hi Paulina

Paulina- So how does it feel being part of the popular group.

Tucker- Well actually I don't really see a difference besides the free frozen Yogurt.

Paulina-There's also free lunch and you don't have to do your homework because Mikey will be doing it.

Tucker- Wow maybe there's a difference,so where are Danny and Sam I haven't seen Them since Danny saved the Planet.

(Everyone is talking at once)

Quan-Hey Foley Danny and Sam are on their way.

(girls our going gaga over Danny)

(Danny and Sam walk up to Tucker holding hands)

Danny & Sam- Hey guys

Hey- ( unison)

Dash- So Fenton you and Manson are like?

Danny-Together? Ya.

Dash-Its about time

Tucker- Ya some people owe me $20 bucks.

(Dash, Paulina, Quan, and everyone who Tucker bet that Danny and Sam will end together paid up)

(Danny and Sam stopped holding hands and yelled)

Danny&Sam- You bet on our relationship!

Tucker- (slightly chuckles) ya

Danny&Sam - Tucker!

(bell rings)

Sam-Well we should probably get to class come on Danny.

Danny-Okay come on guys.

(Danny grabs Sam's hand and they walk to Lancers)

(entering Lancers)

(Danny,Sam and the rest of the class sat down and waited for Lancer to begin the Lesson)

Lancer -Hello class I hope everyone enjoyed their weekly break since the Disasteroid before we start Todays lesson will you come up here?

Danny-uh? sure (gets up and walks to desk)

Class-Ya Danny!

Sam-Wow he saves the world ,everyone finds out he's Danny Phantom and everyone wants to be his best friend.

Tucker-Well Sam he did something no one expected,of course everyone wants to.

Sam- (sigh) I guess so on the upside Dash and the rest of the Football team won't pick on him anymore.


Lancer -Well class I just informed Danny that the school would appreciate it if his parents would make a Ghost Alarm that would be installed in every classroom and hallway in the school.

Class- Yes!

Dash-Hey Danny you should join the Football Team!

Danny-Uh I don't know I don't like to use my powers for personal gain especially just to get on the Football team,I've learned the hard way.

Dash-We could teach ya right Quan?

Quan-Ya Fenton you're a popular now we got your back.

Danny- (nervously laughs) I don't know. (glances nervously at Sam)

Sam-(gets up) As long as you don't use your powers Danny I'm sure It would be okay,just remember you can't cheat at anything anymore.

Danny-I know Sam (Sam gives him a peck on the lips) ok Dash I'll join.

Dash-Alright!(Dash high fives Quan)

Lancer-Okay everyone the bell is going to ring soon so everyone grab a copy of Houdini and wait for the bell to ring; and since we didn't get to start reading it today it's just another free day Today.(everyone grabs a book) (bell rings class leaves)

Dash-Fenton! (Tucker,Danny and Sam turn around)

Danny-Hey what's up?

Dash- Football tryouts are next week want to do a practice session after school?

Danny-Uh? I don't know I've been thinking I have so much on my plate already with Homework and Ghost hunting and all.

Dash-Come on Fenton you might actually like it.

Danny-Well alright sure what time?


Danny-Oh okay see you then

Dash-Alright! (heads to his next class)

Danny-Lets get to Tetslaugh guys at least now that were Sophomores this is our last year of P.E well some of us. (glances at Tucker)

Tucker-Hey what's that suppose to mean?!

Sam- That you're not Athletic.(Danny laughs)

Tucker-Hey I'm the Mayor I don't have time to be athletic!

Sam-Ya whatever Tucker.(as she grabs Danny's hand and walks ahead of Tucker)

Sam-See you in a minute.

Danny-Okay.(Danny and Tucker head to the Boys locker room, 20 minutes later)

Danny-I can't believe we didn't have to dress.

Tucker-Yes! I didn't have to part with my baby!

Danny-(gives Tucker a I cant believe Im not use to this headshake)


Tucker-I know you guys are dating now Finally! but I'm here to you know! (Danny and Sam didn't hear him because the were lost in each other's eyes) Tucker-Hello!

Danny-Huh? Oh Tucker did you say something?

Tucker-Sam you totally dissed me when you got here.

Sam-Oh sorry Tucker. (30 minutes later)

Danny-Come on let's get to Lancers. (they head to Lancers 20 minutes into Lancers class)

Lancer -So their is no way for columbus to discover America because why?(Danny raises his hand)

Lancer -Yes ?

Danny-Because the Vikings were their first.

Lancer -That's right Mr.Fenton.(20 minutes later Danny sat up after his signature blue mist escaped his mouth)

Lancer -Mr.Fenton is something wrong is there a ghost?

Danny-Yes Mr.Lancer I think we should all evacuate even though there's a Possibility it may be a minor threat.

Lancer - Alright everyone you heard Danny let's evacuate.(Lancer pulls the fire alarm as Danny's ghost sense escapes for the second time)


Sam-Where right here Danny here's the thermos.

Danny-Thanks (flies off then phases through the ceiling) now who can be disturbing a great day!

Mystery ghost- Me!

Author's note- Wow my first Danny Phantom fanfiction I hope you all enjoyed reading this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. first chapter is short just to get your attention well I hope I got yours.

Sorry if I didn't get straight to the Fight sooner but I wanted you all to know how their lives are doing since PP. MWAHAHA! evil cliffe sorry mom getting on me for loving to write can you guess who the Ghost is im still debating any ideas?

well gotta go!

Me-What do you think Danny?

Danny-I always love your stories who am I up against?

Me-You;ll have to wait just like everyone else.

Danny- Darn! more!

Me- We'll see Danny I f everyone wants to know?

Danny-Oh ok Guys if you love me you'll ask for more and give guesses and Ideas Please! I know you want to I know you love me don't lie.
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