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ch 2

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ch 2

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Danny Phantom


The Earth's Savior

Authors note-

previously on Danny Phantom The Earth's Savior

Danny- Thanks (flies off then phases through the ceiling) now who can be disturbing a great day!

Mystery ghost- Me!

now on to chapter. 2

Danny - Desiree! what are you doing here!

Deserae - As always to grant everyone's wish,Surly you have a wish as well.

Danny - As a matter of fact I do I wish you would disappear inside my thermos!

Desirae - NO I must obey you will pay for this!( Desirae screams while being sucked into the thermos).

Danny - Whew

Heads back to Casper High

(in the front of the school)

Sam - Danny! are you ok?

Danny - Ya I'm fine it was just Desirae.

Sam - Oh good I thought it was someone threatening.

Danny - (Danny chuckles)

Lancer- Who was it Mr. Fenton?

Danny - Desirae she's a wishing ghost, thats why its so easy to defeat her.

(the bell rings signaling the end of the school day)

Sam - So since it's Friday where do you want to go for our date? Dinner or watch a movie at my place?

Danny - How about Dinner and watch a movie at your place? your Parents and I never see eye to eye, especially your mom.

Sam - I know I can't stand them either, but I think they lightened up since they found out you were Danny Phantom and saved the Planet well at least my Dad has.

Danny - I hope so.

Sam - OK What time?

Danny - I'll pick you up at 5:30 p.m so, we can make it to the reservation at 6:00p.m

Sam - Alright.

Danny - Lets get you home.(picks Sam up and flies to her house,and sets her on the porch) here you go see you in a bit.(kisses her forehead,and flies home)

at Fenton Works

(Danny walks into the house)

Danny - Mom? Dad?, Jazz!

Maddie - Hi sweetie how was school?

Danny - OK but I had to deal with Desirae during 6th period,and I got to hurry because I have to get ready for my date with Sam,I'm going to take her out to dinner then we'll probably watch a movie at her place.

Maddie - Ok sweetie let me know if Pamela does anything to you.

Danny - Sure thing Mom. (starts to walk upstairs when Jazz an Jack come in)

Jazz - Hey Danny!

Danny - Hi Jazz

Jazz - How was school today?

Danny - Ok Desirae came by during 6th period but other than that pretty good.

Jazz - Oh ok so where are you headed?

Danny - Upstairs to take a shower than I'm going to take Sam to dinner.

Jazz - Oh no movie?

Danny - we were going to watch a movie at her house.

Jazz - OK

(Danny walked upstairs and took a shower)

( after shower)

(Danny texted Sam Nasty burger

(2 minutes later, Sam texted Danny sure (Danny changed into his usual and headed downstairs)

Danny- Be back by curfew if there's no ghost attacks!

Maddie- Ok sweety.(Danny went ghost and flew to Sams and knocked on the door Pamela answers)

Danny-(nervously chuckles) Hello Mrs.Manson is Sam ready?

Pamela- Hello Daniel (Danny gives her a I hate being called that look)

Jeramy- Hello Danny.

Danny- Hi Mr.Manson.

Jeramy- so uh, saw you on the News this morning.

Danny- Oh really.

Jeramy- Yes so who was it?

Danny- Desiree a wishing ghost quite easy to defeat not so easy such as the Boxgost but easy enough.

Jeremy- Oh well that's good.

Sam- Mom Dad your not scaring him are you?

Jeremy- Im not as for your mother im not so sure.(glances at Pamela)

Danny- Well we should get going come on Sam. (sam grabs her Jacket)

Sam- Bye Mom bye Dad.

Sam- You Ok?

Danny- Oh ya sure its just your Mom she still doesn't like me and I dont think she ever will.

Sam- So I don't care your my boyfriend and if she cant deal with it it's her loss, anyone who gets to know you will know your a great guy.

Danny- Thanks Sammy.(gives her a peck on the lips) now lets get to the Nasty Burger you must be hungry.

Sam- Ok im starving.

(Danny chuckles while grabbing sam and started flying twords the Nasty Burger)

(At the Nasty Burger)

Lady- Welcome to The Nasty Burger how may I wow your Danny Fenton right?

Danny- (chuckles) Ya thats me so my girlfriend will have the Tofu soy melt and I,ll have a Cheeseburger with fries,and two waters.

Lady - Ok on the house.

Danny - You don't have to(Danny got cut off)

Lady - Actually we do it's in the new policy the Earths savior along with his best friend, family and girlfriend don't have to pay.

Danny&Sam - Well ok then. (They get their food and sit down)

Danny- So where do you want to go after this back to your place for a movie arcade for a game of Air Hockey?

Sam - Well I want to go to my place for a movie but im afraid of what my mom might do to you.

Danny - I know what you mean but your worth the risk.

Sam - Aww Danny that's so sweet.

Danny- You know how a gettleman can be.

Sam - Ya and you sure are a one.

Danny - So ready to head back to your house? what type of movie Romance? Horror? Comedy? Action

Sam - How about a Action comedy I don't want my parents to find out I like romances or anyone else, so don't tell anyone.

Danny - You know I wont come on lets go.

(they head back to Sams)

Sam - Mom? Dad? Grandma? guess their not here but since we don't know when they'll be back im sticking with the action comedy.

Danny - Do you have Rush Hour?

Sam - Ya I do. I haven't seen that in awhile great idea boyfriend.

Danny - Thanks Girlfriend.

(stared the movie) (2 hours an 6 minutes later)

Danny - That was a good movie. I should get going, hopefully I can make it home by curfew, and if not my Parents will understand it was a ghost thing. I can't be late when its not one or they'll think I got hurt,See you later.(kisses sam, goes ghost and leaves through the ceiling) Flying home)

Danny - At least I'll make it home by (ghost sense goes off) spoke to soon.

Skulker - Welp!

Danny - Skulker!

Skulker - Yes it is I Skulker! here to finally have your head in my Trophy room!

Danny - 1 month away from you and that's still gross!

Skulker - Well Welp I don't care what you think your head will still be in my Trophy room!( Skulker electrocutes Danny full power with a new device he stole from Axium Labs. you can hear Danny's screams from a mile away.)

(At Fenton Works)

Maddie - He's late Jack, I hope he's okay.

Jazz - Did you just hear a scream.

Tiffany Snow - Sorry to interrupt your regular scheduled programming but our town hero Danny Phantom who we recently found out he was the son of Amity Parks Local Ghost hunters. is engaged in an epic battle with what appears to be some sort of mechanical ghost.

Maddie - I'm worried Jack.

Jack - Don't worry Maddie he's a Fenton Man we Fenton men know what were doing.

Maddie- I suppose im still worried.

The Battle

(Skulker throws an electrical net at Danny)

Danny - (dodges it, and hits Skulker with a ghost ray)

Skulker - (gets hit) Thats it welp your going down! keeps firing at Danny then shoots a ray at Danny)

Danny - (Danny hits skulker with another ray) I so don't want to deal with this right now.
Danny took a deep breath releasing a Ghostly wail) (20 minutes later Danny reverts back to Danny Fenton) Hopefully I can go ghost to get home. (tries to change but fails) guess I'm walking. (Danny starts walking home forgetting to get rid of the building debri and didn't realize he had scars and cuts bleeding out) (2 minutes later enters the fenton home.)

Fenton works

Maddie - Danny are you oh my!

Danny - What?

Jazz - Danny what happened to you?

Danny- (looks down seeing his cuts bruises and a bit of ectoplasm)Oh forgot to clean myself before I got here.

Maddie - What happened Danny?

Danny - Mom relax it was just Skulker their are other ghosts that can do more damage, hes not that menacing.

Maddie- If you say so.

Danny - I'm fine Mom.

Maddie - Ok Danny.

Next Day


Danny - Morning Mom.

Maddie - Morning sweetie what are you planning to do today?

Danny - Team Phantom and I were going to go patrolling and since you and Dad know now do you want to be apart of Team Phantom?

Maddie - Sure sweety anything to help get rid of these ghost.

Danny - Ok let's get going but first. (Danny goes ghost,Maddie follows him up the stairs)

Maddie - Danny what are you (maddie stops mid sentence when she sees danny open a secret door in the back of his closet and sees a lot of ghost weapons) so that's where all the ghost weapons went to.

Danny - (chuckles nervously) Ya,we should go. (phases out his window)

Maddie - I wonder? (walks downstairs) Jack are you coming?

Jack- Where?

Maddie - Patrolling with Danny Jazz Sam and Tucker.

Jack - Oh sure yes! I can finally see my son in action.

Maddie - We always did Jack but we thought he was doing nothing but evil remember?

Jack -Oh ya thats right but now we wont hurt him. And you know he never told us how he got the powers in the first place.

Maddie - Maybe you can ask him later he jazz an Sam an Tucker are waiting lets go.

Jack - Alright.

(DownTown Amity Park)

Danny - Ok Tucker, Jazz you take the West. (Maddie and Jack drive up)

Maddie - Hi kids so what's the plan?

Jazz - Getting our directions from Danny on where to patrol.

Danny - Me and Sam will take the North,Mom Dad I need you to take the South.

Maddie - Ok .

Danny -Oh that's right here guys I forgot to give you the Fenton Phones.(Danny passes them to everyone)

Jack - So that's where they went.

Danny - Lets head out.(picks Sam up and heads North)

(everyone goes their directions and start the patrol)

Sam - You Okay? you look more determined than usual while patrolling.

Danny - I'm fine I've always been determined I guess since my Parents joined the team im a little more determined to keep you all safe If anything happens I swear to God. (sam cuts him off)

Sam - Danny relax we've been doing this for months, we can handle it. (kisses Danny's cheek) better?

Danny - Ya thanks.

Sam - Come on let's keep patrolling.

Danny - Ok. (Danny starts flying ahead of Sam)

Maddie - Danny! there's a ghost with a Shadow by the Nasty Burger!

Danny - Were on our way!

Sam - Who is it ?

Danny - Johnny 13.( flys to the nasty burger Sam close behind on the scooter)

Danny - Johnny leave my Mother alone!

Johnny - Hey Kid its been awhile how did you enjoy your break?

Danny - Wasn't really a break I've been expecting you ghosts to return.

Johnny - Great this is your Mother you Say and she knows?

Danny - Yes she knew ever since I asked the ghost to help save our worlds.

Johnny - And they Accepted you?

Maddie - Of course he's our son it doesn't make a difference what he is!

Danny - You see. (blasts johnny with an ecto ray, ) (and starts fighting shadow) (shadow absorbs Danny)

Maddie & Sam - Danny!

Danny - ( Danny is struggling inside Shadow then uses his Ectorays to break free like in the episode 13) - Bright light weakens your precious Shadow Johnny remember? (Danny uses the Fenton thermos on shadow) To easy.

Johnny- My shadow my power!

(Danny and Johnny start fighting)

Jack- Danny we got a Box lover by the storage unit!

Danny&Sam- (start chuckling while Danny is punching Johnny)

Maddie - What's so funny your father can get hurt!

Danny - (finishes chucking, while hands, on with Johnny) Mom it's just the Box ghost the only thing he can give us is a paper cut. (Danny starts talking into the Fenton phones) Dad just suck him in the Thermos he's annoyingly Harmless.

Jack - Alright Dannyboy!

Danny - (Sucks Johnny in the thermos) least he stood away from Jazz this time.

Maddie - I knew I recognized him from somewhere. So that's how you decked him?

Danny - Ya.

Sam - Come on.

Tucker - Danny ghost snake by the Park again!

Danny - On my way Tuck. (flies to the park sam follows)

Tucker - Ahh!

Danny - Tucker! (blasts the snake with an ecto ray )

Snake - (Attacks Danny while jack an Maddie arrive in the R.V then Danny uses the thermos after the snake rams his head with a tree)

Maddie - Danny! are you ok?

Danny - I'm fine Mom . ( calls jazz on F P) Jazz hows it going?

Jazz - Everything's cool Danny no ghosts on my side what about you?

Danny - Just A Snake an Johnny 13.

Jazz - oh good.

Danny - Well Jazz I think we should head home I think thats it for the night.

Everyone - Alright . (Everyone heads home, Danny follows Sam to her house)

Danny - See you later. (kisses her goodbye)

Sam - Bye love you.

Danny - I love you to. (flys off)

The End?


Sorry if it doesn't feel completed let me know it's just I want to start new stories an my laptop is about to die and I need to save the story let me know see you soon.
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