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Threesa tells secrets

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Okay I found a song that I think really suits this chapter.
It's behind these hazel eyes by Kelly clarkson

Seems like just yesterday,
You were a part of me,
I used to stand so tall,
I used to be so strong,
Your arms around me tight,
Everything it felt so right,
Unbreakable like nothing could go wrong,
Now I can't breathe,
No I can't sleep,
I'm barely hanging on,

Here I am,
Once again,
I am torn into pieces,
Can't deny it,
Can't pretend,
Just thought you were the one,
Broken up deep inside,
But you won't get to see the tears I cry,
Behind these hazel eyes,

anyway on with the story.

Theresa was lying on her bed,her head was hanging over the side and her feet were kicking the air. She flipped the page in her magizene. She sighed when she read what it said. Super thin celebs. Theresa rolled over on her stomach, She droped the magizene and stood up. Theresa walked over to her mirror . She smoothed her hair down and practiced modiling. She placed a hand on her hip and gave a bored smirk. She frowned at herself. Theresa decied to forget modiling and went down stairs to see who was home. " Hey." Came Jays voice. Theresa ignored him she had other things on her mind. " Want some chips?" Jay asked holding out the chips. Theresa's eyes widened and mouth droped. She then ran up stairs. Once in her room she decied to go to the gym that just opened down the road. She changed into a blue tank top and broiwn shorts and tied her hair up. Theresa walked out the door and into the driveway. Herry was there and he offered her a lift. She turned him down and walked to the gym.

Theresa walked home from the gym. Sweat was pouring down her face and she was pooped.But she knew it was for the best. As she neered the brownstone she could her her fiery friend yelling at someone for something.Theresa was now at the door. She twisted the knob but she found it locked. Theresa banged on the door but she wasn't in the mode to wait so she pulled out the sapre key from under the mat. She went to her room and then took a shower.

Archie and Atlanta were watching a movie downstairs.There was an uncomfertable silence between them. Finaly Archie spoke up." So um Lanta why did you dump me?" Archie practly whispered the last words." I'm not sure Archie." Atlanta felt really gulty about dumping him now." Oh." Said Archie in whisper. " But we can still be friends right ?" Atlanta asked. " Whatever." Archie said as he walked upstairs.

Jay waited outside Theresa's door. A few seconds later she opened it. When she saw who it was she poened her door more and indacated for him to get comfy. She didn't know how it happened but she found herself crying her heart out in his arms. Jay put an arm around her and stroked her hair. He was really worried about her. Jay looked down at Theresa's floor were the magazene was opened.When he read what it said something clicked into place. He looked around at her room the walls were covered with pictures of like 60 pound modles. No it couldn't be. Was Theresa dieting? Jay contuned to stroke the deperssed girl.

Herry and Atlanta were now downstairs watching the sam e movie. " Um Atlanta how are you and Archie?" Herry asked.
" Why do you care?" Atlanta snaped .
" Never mind." Herry said.
" Sorry for flipping like that we broke up." Atlanta almost couldn't say the words.
Herry stood in shock he was half sorry for her and haf dead happy.
" Why ?' Was all he could make out.
Atlanta shruged.

Okay here it is I wanted to post now even thought this key board is horrable so sorry for mistakes also i stink at J/T so bear with me. RATE and reveiw.
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