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okay after the wait and a new notebook it's jays turn.

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hey sorry bout the wait but I'm not having very good luck ( I need so here is Jay next is Neil.

Jay walked down the halls of new olimpus high school
He stoped at a door near the end of the hall. The name tag said Mr.Corone. He twisted the handel and steped into the tiney office. The office was rather messy, There was a desk in the middel of the room it was cluttered with papers and art work that students made for him.At the far end of the room was a book shelf with tons of algebra,wether,since,dictornays and tons of other books.Beside that was a plant. Jay walked over to the desk and took a seat in front of it.(can you guess where he is?) In front of him sat Edward Corone. Edward (Ed for short) Was a black man( I don't mean to be rude.) with little hair and a friendly face. Ed was in his early 30's and was one of the two guidence counclers at the school.
" So Jay how are things this week?" He asked. Jay shruged and anwsered " They could be better," He paused a moment then mumbeled " Way better." "Okay so what seems to be the matter?" Jay held his head down not making eye contact at all. " Well I'm still in shock from the news I got." " And then it turns out that my family is broke now so I can't even go up to see them." " Okay well you must be upset anybody would," Ed paused then looked through the mess on his desk finaly he puled out an old magiezene and handed it to Jay. " I want you to take a look at this okay?" Jay just sruged and took it. It said, Dealing with greef. " You don't need to read it now just go home and look throught it okay?" He asked. Jay noded and headed out the door. But before he left Ed said one final thing. "Oh and Jay you might if you need to consider taking a few days off." And with that Jay left the office.

At lunch
The team mates sat at a tabel in the cafe, Eating away at there food all execpt Theresa who apperantly was not feeling well. Atlanta was getting worried about her she seemed not to be eating at all latly.Mabey she just isn't hurngy she thought to herself, But she had a bad feeling that it was way more then that.Archie sat beside her he looked really bad,She could tell that he hadn't brushed his hair today and he didn't shower eathier. Herry didn't seem to be very happy two,What was wrong with everyone. The only people who didn't look like they were going to die were Odie and Neil.Odie looked freakishly happy and Neil was just well being Neil, This was the only time of day when he wasn't looking at himself.There was a freaky silence between them.
Then finaly Neil spoke up, " Aurgg this soda isn't diet like I asked for," Nobody seemed to care about this soda problems. Archie was thinking about Atlanta the heart breaker sitting next to him.Odie was thinking about Melissa who was sitting with the other cheerleaders.Theresa was thinking about how she looked ( witch is Neils job).Herry was thinking about Atlanta and how she didn't have a boyfriend with beautiful features like that. And Jay was thinking about the meating he just had. Even Neil wasn't paying attention to himself he was thinking about the upcoming event this friday. Suddently the bell indaciting that lunch was over rang.There were groans form the friends as they walked away in different ways. Atlanta was headed to english sadly none of her friends were in the class with her. Theresa was headed to gym along with Odie. Jay and Neil were off two math. Herry was going tosocial studies and Archie was off to the libray.
In Mr.Grahms math class Jay's head was in the clouds he missed him famly very much and longed to see them. He missed his new sister Kia he only saw her once sence she was adopted.Kia was turing 7 this month he wished he could visit her after the crash this current month he knew that he should be up there with her. His thoughts were inturepted by Neil poking him in the side with a pencil." Jay whats number 3?" Neil whispered. Jay igored him and got back to his work.

In Mr.Aries gym class Theresa was completly wiped she couldn't move another inch so aries decied to sent her to chiron of course he didn't say it out lould he told her in privite. Odie snaped back to reality when a soccer ball hit him in the head. Odie fell to the ground in pain. Aries came over to him cursing under his breath. " Whats wrong boy?" He asked.A kid near the back of the huddel spoke up. " Jared kicked the ball and hit Odie in the head." Aries cursed some more but this time the others could hear. Aries told the other kids to let him talk to Odie alone.Once they were gone Aries sent Odie to chiron, And the others got back to the class.
Archie was in the back of the libary reading some greek love poem.Hoping it would somehow help take away the pain he was feeling inside him.Mabey he should go to the guidence councler.He quickly shok that thought from his head no way those were for geeks with probelms with homework and stuff like that.Little did he know that was were his leader spent most of his free time.

School was finaly home and the five friends got on the school bus. " Um has anyone seen Theresa or Odie?" Herry asked. " Uh yeah they got hurt in gym so now there staying with hera and Chiron." Neil said as if it were the most obiouse thing in the world. In return he got alot of puzzled looks form everyone execpt Jay who didn't care that the girl he loved was in deep trouble.

wow that was a longer chapter or at least it felt like it well there you have it so please tell me what you think I'll try to have Neils up soon.
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