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neil has some shocking secerts

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oaky I feel like writing today so here goes Neils chapter but I'm not done after Nils chapter still more to come.oh and I think i have a good song for this chapter its whenever wherever by Shakira.
Whenever, Wherever
We're meant to be together
I'll be there and you'll be near
And that's the deal my dear

There over, Here under
You've got me head over heals
There's nothing left to fear
If you really feel the way I feel

Chapter 7 Neil

Neil was in his room.For once he wasn't looking at himself in the mirror. For that wouldv'e been better then what he was doing. Neil was laying on his bed infront of him was a wodden box with colored squares on the top,There were also little black and white pices laying on it.(any guesses?)" Wow I win again." Neil shouted in delight. " Best 7 out of 10?" Neil asked himself in a deep voice. " Oh you are so on." He said in his normal tone. Neil was feeling nervous only 3 days till the big event. He was debating with himself if he should tell the others or not. Would they get it? He asked himself. No thay wouldn't they couldn't well mabey Odie would but not the others they would laugh. So Neil decied not to tell them. But he needed some suport it was the first non- Neil relaited thing that he would ever do. " Ah ha check mate." Neil shouted in delight again.

Theresa Jay and Archie walked throught the front door arms full of bags from shopping. Theresa walked into the comon room set her bags down and plooped down on the couch.She deffently invented Shop till you drop. They had been to over 20 different stores looking for the right pair of sunglasses but in the end she bought more then that. " We should have asked Herry to drive us." Archie exclaimed . " Yeah then we would have some room to sit." Jay laughed .

Atlanta ,Herry and Odie were at the school.Atlanta was running laps,Herry was working on his strenght and Odie was helping Hermes with the enternet. " OKay Atlanta you are done." Artimes her mentor called. Atlanta slowed down and ran over to her.Nice job 30 laps in 1 min and 23 seconds. " Argh still over a minute and 15 seconds." She replied angry at herself. " Oh don't feel bad Atlanta you're just tired." Artimes tried to comfert her. Atlanta sruged and walked off.
Herry was in Hercules's office.He was working on his balance by skipping.Sadly he was doing well he was doing just awful. He couldn't do more the 10 at a time. " Herry you just aint getting it you don't have you're whole mind in the game you need to focus on training not on some girl or something." Hercules said. " I'm sorry Hercules theres just some probelms in the team and it makes it hard to focous." Herry said refering to him and Atlanta. " Well why don't you go back to the dorm and clear you're head." Hercules sugested. Herry walked out of his office and waited for the others.

" So then I click this?" Hermes asked." No then you left click on this and drg and drop it." Odie said as if it were so simple. After his date he felt like a king. Melissa was so hot and they knew so much about each other. And best of all she kissed him goodnight. " Ah Odie a little help here?" Hermes asked. Odie turned his attentioned back to him.Odie thought for a moment then typed something in and it was fixed. " Ah listen Hermes I gotta head back to the dorm Herry is waiting for me." And with that he left Hermes very crowed room.

Neil cam down stairs were he found everyone.THey all looked tired and sweaty. Neil raised an eyebrow and sat down in the free red chair. " So Neil what have you been doing while we were gone? Herry asked. Neil thought of what to say so he replied what he nomaly would say. " I was in the shower." There were a series of groans and sighes from the titans. Nobody said a word. Atlanta was thinking about Archie.And Archie was thinking about her.Jay was thinking about what the artical said.Theresa was thinking about how hungry she secertly was. Herry was thinking about that day in the park. Odie was thinking about Melissa and there date. And Neil was thinking about the big Chess match in 3 days.
THere you go hope you like it R&R.
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