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On our way

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Theresa and Atlanta have found the sewers but will they be able to find the boys?

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One things for sure, Theresa was never letting Atlanta drive again!

Not that Atlanta was a bad driver. She didn't almost send Herry's precious

truck crashing or anything. But let's just say that she didn't like to handle

situations slowly. She passed three red lights at a speed that almost matched her

record when she ran on her own to feet (and for those who don't know, that's

pretty darn fast), and she missed five turns since Theresa didn't have time to

say "go left!" In fact, if Atlanta had gone on a normal speed, they would have

taken the same amount of time to get to their destination, anyways.

By the time they reached the sewers, Theresa was very happy to feel solid

ground under her feet that wasn't going 180 miles an hour! She almost prefered

having Herry go at a slower speed so he wouldn't scratch his precious truck.

" You ready? " asked Atlanta, slightly sad by the fact that she was done

driving for now (In Theresa's case for a very long time).

" Yeah," said Theresa, "Let's go get Jay....Neil, Archie, Odie, and Herry."

Atlanta smirked.

And into the sewers they went.

"Man, it smell's worse than the boys after gym class," Theresa complained,

plugging her nose.

Atlanta laughed, "I don't know, I'd say it's a pretty fair match."

Using thier PMRs to track the boys, the girls made their way through the

sewer's until they came to a huge mountain of boulders.

" According to the coordinates, the guys should be behind those huge piles of

boulders," Theresa said after checking her PMR.

Atlanta called them up on her's, "Yo Jay, you guys still there?"

They heard Jay respond, " Yeah, I'm here."

" Is there a huge pile of boulders where you are?"

" Yeah there is. Why?"

" Do you think you could get Herry to move them?"

There was a moment's pause, " I don't know, if those rocks tumbled while

Herry was moving them, he wouldn't be able to get out of the way in time."

Atlanta thought for a moment and got an idea, " Is Archie there?"

Archie's voice came on the PMR, "Yeah I'm here."

Atlanta grinned, " I've got a question for you but you're not gonna

like it."

" What's your question, Atlanta?"

Atlanta told him. He didn't like it.

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