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The girls have saved the guys and Jay does the most unexpected thing yet.

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" No way, Atlanta! I'm not letting you use my hephaestus whip!"

" Just answer the question Archie!" demanded Atlanta getting very impatient,

"can your hephaestus whip cut through rock or not?"

" Yes it can, but that's not the point-"

Atlanta cut him off, " Jay get the others to stay back as far as you can,"

There was a pause and she could hear Archie protesting loudly in the

backround. Then she heard Jay's voice again, "okay we're back as far a we can


Theresa backed away too. After all, Atlanta had no experience with Archie's

whip, and she didn't want to get nearly killed again.

But it turned out that Atlanta knew how to use it. In fact she was almost as

good as Archie with the whip. With one slash the boulders came tumbling down to

reveal the 'cave' and the boys cowering against the corner.

" Hey guys!" said Atlanta cheerfully, " miss us?"

There were a serious of "yes", and "what took you so long?", and hugs all

around. Then when Theresa came to Jay he did the most unexpected thing...

He held her tight in his arms and kissed her.

Theresa was shocked at first, but then she kissed back. They could hear a lot

of cat calls, and "it's about time!" By the time they pulled apart they didn't say

anything, just smiled. They didn't need to tell their feelings, they already did.

They had both got that one little push.

Archie could have sworn his heart did a little dance, when Atlanta came to hug

him. Then she handed him her whip.

He sighed, "You didn't have to use my whip you know."

Atlanta was about to protest, but she saw that he was joking. She smiled

back and said, "you're right. I could have just left you guys trapped in


Archie laughed, " okay you win this time."

Then he realized he still had her in his arms, but instead of pulling away,

he did what Jay had done. He leaned over and kissed her too.

Instead of cat calls, and cheers there was dead silence. Nobody had expected

this at all. But then after they recovered from the shock, the others cheered as

they did for Jay and Theresa.

When they pulled away Archie asked, "so, are we friends again?"

Atlanta grinned, " Well after that kiss, I'd say we're more than that."


So then they walked out of the sewers. Archie and Atlanta were in the

front holding hands. Followed by Odie, Neil, and Herry. Then Jay was in the

back with his arm protectively around Theresa.

Then Odie piped up, " I wonder what happened to those sirens."

Herry laughed, " Cronus is probably getting rid of them as we speak,

since he has no use for them anymore, thanks to Atlanta and Theresa."

In the back Jay asked, " So had did you girls get here?"

Just then Atlanta tossed Herry his keys, " your truck might be a little

low on gas, Herry."

Theresa laughed, " guys, promise me you'll never let Atlanta drive


Herry had just then realized what they were saying, "YOU USED MY


" Calm down, Herry," said Atlanta, "I didn't scratch it. I just went over the

speed limit a couple dozen times."

Herry sighed with relief, "well, that's good to know."

Their laughs could be heard all over the tunnels.

Archie grinned. Even after being in a fight with Atlanta, the not-so-helpful

boy's nightout, being abducted by sirens, and trapped in the sewers, this had to

be the best day of his life.

And judging by the look on Jay's face, the same would go for him too.
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