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Points of Authority 4

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you'll perhaps not like Delilah's reaction ... but she had had Julius to herself nearly all the time...I'd like to see how you'd react ;) I'd be jealous

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"Touché!" Delilah had won and felt gladder than she normally would have. She felt relieved... this girl was stressing her... that wasn't normal, it wasn't right. Julius came over to them.

"Hey, you put up a really nice fight!"

"Do you like women fighting?"
That was Proserpina. But she didn't wait for an answer. "En garde?"

"If you want to -" Delilah began but Poser had already started fencing. Surprised Delilah found it difficult to defend herself. 'Think, you have to attack, that's too defensive!' It was hard and they fought their way through the gym knocking Emmet over accidentally.

"Good work" Delilah told Proserpina.

"Thank you" she said smiling raising her rapier again.

"You two! Trouble whenever you turn up... just because you're not good enough for a real mission" moaned Emmet under his breath still crouching as the dumbbell had hit his stomach.

But it was loud enough for Delilah to hear it. Fencing she turned to look at him and kicked a basketball over to him which hit his head. With a bitter grin she wanted to attack but being of guard for a second Prosperina's rapier hit her at the chest.

"Yeah, I won! It's the first time I won!"

Proserpina was happy beyond her dreams. She ran over to Delilah and hugged her smiling from one ear to the other.

You love the way I look at you
While taking pleasure in the awful things you put me through
You take away if I give in
My life
My pride is broken

Julius ran over to them. "Well done, I'm so proud of you!" he flung his arms around Prosper's neck.
Delilah's face turned from 'how could I be so stupid' to inexpressive. 'No, I'm not jealous but she won by sheer luck ... nothing else...' But a voice in her head kept reminding her that one always had to be lucky to win a fight, even she. She turned to go. "I need a shower!" she said noticing no one listened to her. Julius only had eyes and ears for /her /. She couldn't believe it... she was a loser.

The shower cleared her mind. She wasn't angry with herself ... no one could always win ... and Poser had done a good job catching her off guard ... the real problem was Julius. She was used to have him around... he cheered her up when she was down and she did her best to help him whenever he needed her. But now with this child amongst them...

After a bit Karate with Prosper Julius started worrying about Delilah. She had disappeared like a soap-bubble ... 'she could at least have said good-bye' he thought while he floored Prosper. They got up again. Julius bowed. "Milady, nice fight, but I must leave you. Not all the leaves are falling because it's fall."

They had discovered their love of those well-worn kung-fu movies and their language.

Proserpina bowed as well. "After every fall there will be spring."

Julius headed up the stairs. He felt good since Prosper had arrived. Young and refreshed... but there were always two sides to every story. He missed the action, the adrenaline rushing through his blood and Delilah saving him when he was nearly lost. He had reached her door and knocked.

"Wait a minute please, I'm not yet dressed" Delilah said who had just come out of the shower. Hastily she got into a training suit and opened.

"I would not have minded, you know?" he said grinning like a schoolboy. Delilah felt comforted; he had not forgotten her so there was no need to be furious about Poser anymore.

"Oh you ... well, come in" she said opening the door wider. He sat down on her bed.

"What's up with you, De? Not happy about your pupil?" he asked.

"She is brilliant which is what I like about her... but I'm scared she overrates herself" She picked her words carefully. This really represented a problem ... to be a spy meant to be able to handle every kind of situation... how should she learn that in a gym? They had to have a mission. A little one but it had to be. 'Like this' Delilah thought 'I could do a "real mission", be with Julius and bring up our protégé as well... three birds killed with one stone... '
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