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Points of Authority 5

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you knew something like this had to happen ...

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"I was wondering what to do about that, too, lately" Julius got up again. "We need to teach her the moral of our job as well. It's not kick the villains to the ground and kill them ... we have to make the world a safer place, that's our job. Discovering their plots, helping people, ensure that no one is a hindrance for them to live a life with human dignity. There's not much left for personal victories or matters..." He looked at her a hint of longing in his eyes.

"Beautifully said, Julius." she said smiling with sorrow on her face.

"But at least, I think, we have a little bit of time for ourselves" Julius had got up.

"Right" she answered softly, their faces only separated by a few inches. "At least without Al interfering..."

Julius clapped a hand to his head. "Al! That's a good idea, Delilah! We could ask him for an easy mission for Prosper to learn the necessary background! You're a genius!"

"I'm an idiot" muttered Delilah to herself following Julius out of the room.

They ran into Al an instant later.

"Al? Since when are you hurrying?" He was too exhausted to object.

"Man, problem ... big" he managed to say. They - slowly - started to go back to his office. "Couldn't ... your speakers ..."

"I'm glad there aren't any in my bathroom" Delilah said looking concerned nevertheless. Scarlett waited for them in Al's office.

"Okay, sweetcakes, we have some big trouble ahead." Scarlett said switching on a monitor.

"We already have a mission, forgot?" Julius said. "But alright... we can do this, I'll call Prosper."

Al had regained breath. "Man, she is the problem!"

"She's a mole?" suggested Delilah and regretted it the moment she said it. Luckily Julius' gasp at this had drowned it out.

"She's been kidnapped, by DJ Hook." Scarlett explained. "She went jogging and got out of the academy. Our informant saw her standing in front of a cinema when a chopper landed and took her with him. He saw his hook, so we are quite sure it's that would-be musician."

"And now we don't have just the youth welfare department against us - they said they were not sure if the academy is a suiting environment for a teenager - but also -"

"The G.I.B.?" suggested Delilah.

"Yeah, how d'you kow?" Delilah shrugged. "They say it wouldn't have happened if the child had been with them... obligatory supervision ... that's so uncool!"

"You need to find her" Scarlett continued. "We don't have any clue where DJ Hook is going but" she smiled slightly. "I sewed a bug into her training suit..."

"Oh, supervision is so uncool..." Delilah murmured under her breath. "Hey, Julius? What's up, you look so pale..." He didn't react. "Relax, we will be able to have her back easily ... the bug, and Hook is not the smartest ..."

Julius shook his head. "It's my fault... I left her alone... we knew she was not ready for anything serious. And now" he rubbed his forehead. "she's kidnapped by that bastard."

"Hey hey, it's not your fault. How should you've known? And your self reproaches come to nothing. I need you, and Prosper needs you. Let's hit the road!" She smiled at him encouragingly.

"You're right, De. As always." He straightened up. "Where to go, Scarlett?"

Scarlett sighed. "The signal is blotted out... the last time I could locate them they were near Fredericton - but I got no clue where they're heading. I'll check whether Hook's on tour somewhere..." She began typing. Unluckily she was not the only one to do so.

guys, I'm afraid, but this will still take some time ... longer than I expected and a bit more boring than I intended ;)
thanks for the many reviews I got, you're fantastic!
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