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Points of Authority 6

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obstacles, questions, traps

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Dear Mr. Chevalier, dear Ms. Devonshire,

We have to express our disappointment at your dealing with the sensitive affair no 761597 concerning Miss Proserpina Miller*. We inform you therefore that a hearing will take place tomorrow in the Academy under the management of a so-called 'Al'. Awaiting you in the visitors' room at 5 am,
Yours sincerely

John Luc*
Secretary to the EMD (Exterior Matters Department)
(Names changed in order to protect the said person's identity).

"That's so disgusting", Julius said reading the email to Delilah aloud.

She tried to paper over her anxiety for Prosper and about the hearing. "Right, it's archaistic to call someone 'Miss'."

Julius did not dwell on it. "I mean ... we dealt with the matter with much responsibility ... geez, what am I saying, we treated her like a friend, a daughter, what do I know! We care for her - and they're completely indifferent! It's not fair!"

"No, it isn't" Delilah shook her head. Why did the people one loved always disappear? She did not want Julius to suffer - or her. It was perhaps hard to admit - after having tried for some time to neglect Proserpina a bit to improve her relationship to her partner - but she missed her.
Prosper had a clear voice that made one smile whatever was up. She had had someone to talk to, a girl, and someone who shared her preference for good mission-research ... one just had to love that girl. Unfortunately she had been too envious - not a lot but too much nevertheless - to realise that. Now she was gone. "We're spies; it would be much more use if they just let us go to find her."

The so-called Al was of the same opinion only that didn't help much. While he tried to convince Mr. Luc to anything which wasn't a hearing or bureaucracy (or bureau-crazy as he named it) Scarlett did her best to be not available to the youth welfare department who as a result sent some pen pushers that expected the academy to have bell and drafted a complaint about not finding one.

Everyone's nerves were on the edge. At 3 am the agents of the G.I.B. started overwhelming the academy. It was a nightmare. When Delilah asked why there were so many efforts concentrated she got the answer she had almost expected: "Classified."

"It's destroying my nerves!" she muttered to Julius who did not react to much anymore. It should not have been the last time she said this sentence.

The hearing itself seemed more an interrogation. Delilah and Julius were separated, led to dark rooms with only one lamp that illuminated their faces and a big mirror behind which - they knew - were many pairs of cunning eyes. After five hours of grilling they were sent not to their rooms but to cells. Above them they could hear Al screaming with some officers.

"What d'you think you're doing, man, it's like putting away the Queen after the robbing of her crown jewels!"

"Sir, in accomplishment of our instructions ..." the officer began.

"And replacing the Queen by a golf club!" Al screamed. "Can't a man even decide what he's doing in his own academy?"

"I am afraid to say so, Sir, but in this case it is not a question of host but a question of hostage..."

"And I question your intentions!"

Delilah grinned as she saw that Julius still didn't move. "That officer's talking like Prosper"

Julius shook his head slightly. "This is never going to work. I wonder when we will get out of here." he mumbled through the bars separating them. He took Delilah's hand. "I'm scared."

She tried to smile but failed. "No need to worry. She's a tough girl... They find Hook, give him some ransom and we have her back, you'll see.", she lied.

Julius smiled wearily. "I don't think he wants ransom... and the signal's blotted out, Scarlett said. If those two could just stop that racket ... if I don't sleep now I'll faint tomorrow during hearing."

Delilah sat down. They were alone. Just her, Julius and the G.I.B. Nothing to do, nothing to say. And nothing could help them. They were trapped.

The fact that no one was allowed to visit them had also advantages to Delilah and Julius. Like that Ursula had no chance to laugh at them and Emmet was not able to look at them with his 'I-knew-it-had-to-go-wrong' expression on his face. From time to time they heard scratching noises on the ceiling. They didn't care about them much; it had to be some machine of Scarlett's.
Or at least they thought so until one day a scent came from it and a head stuck through it. Through bunch of brown hair two eyes looked at them.

thanks for the reviews! I didn't dwell on the hearings as it wouldn't have been really interesting ...
guess who comes through that "trap door"! - okay, don't guess, you'll already know... ;D
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