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Points of Authority 7

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finally some action, information and flight provided by ...

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Delilah looked up. At first she had hopefully thought it would be Prosper saving them from their fears and doubts, but ...

"Nosey!" Julius was excited. Finally a sensible person from 'outside' to talk to.

"Yeah, I found you! You don't know how hard it was to scratch the concrete away!"

"You could've used an air hammer, you know?" Delilah suggested.

"You two! You don't know what's up up here! G.I.B.s sniffing around... they think you made the story up to find out more about your parents!"

Delilah was petrified. "I didn't know that every found of ours that is classified has something to do with them" she tried to not lose both her nerves and temper. "They should've told me! But no, it's 'top secret'!"

"So, you didn't know? Ah... hm ..." Nosey looked uneasy. "Well, how I got here ... I scratched and scratched - I used my callosity plane, it really is perfect -"

"No details, please", Julius interrupted fearing he would throw up the gruel he had had if Nosey continued.

"- because Scarlett sent me to you with some information."

"Why didn't you say that before?" Julius snatched him by his hair.

Nosey bumped with his chin against the ceiling when he tried to free himself. "I could say you didn't ask ... but that's kind of old fashioned... I wanted to wait for the special moment." He watched them with a broad smile.
As Delilah and Julius continued to glare at him he blurted out: "She says that Hook is flying in a special pattern all over the world and that the bug is working from time to time... but she never knows -"

This time the interruption came from 'up here'. Someone knocked on Nosey's door. "I'm coming!" he screamed. "Locked the door for security standarts" he smiled pulling his head back and moving something over the hole, probably the carpet.

Every day he would do some more scratching until he was even able to climb down to them - and up again with some help. He supplied not only food and information but also pep talks that kept them up - and smiling.

"Scarlett says he should soon be in Nova Scotia... perhaps even near Darthmouth she said. I suppose it's Halifax, the wrongdoers always come back to the site of crime... But try to explain that to Scarlett - she calculated it all, she says, Hooks flying over and over again the letters J and D."

Julius rolled his eyes. That smug bighead didn't think than about his own career as DJ.

"Wait a sec ... those are your initials!" Nosey was excited about his discovery. "I must go and tell Scarlett!" He scrambled back through the hole.

"If that wretch really turns up here, nothing will hold me back from jumping out of that hole!" Julius thundered. "Not even you!"

Delilah had all the time tried to play the part of the 'sensible prisoner' but it was getting hard.

"I totally agree"

Julius who had expected her to object looked at her in surprise. Delilah had however remained sane. What was the use now of staying here if they could safe Poser and finally get out of here? It would be heaven.

"It's our only chance to get her and to get out of here." She said raising both eyebrows. 'And perhaps to find out something about your parents...' a nasty little voice in her head hissed.

Nosey came back, with Scarlett which had seemed to dangerous for a long time as she was being observed with extraordinary diligence.

"He's in Halifax ... or he discovered the bug." Scarlett said. "They are at the wharf ... probably taking off. I packed you some gadgets, no time to explain, you'll know. Time is pressing."

They went, no they ran, to the academy garage and got their bikes - this would be quicker than a car and attracted less attention than a helicopter. Delilah realised how concerned her partner was... she was also worrying about Poser but his sorrow seemed to eat his soul away. Concentrated he was as well. He drove even faster than usually but taking in every tiniest detail of the traffic - he didn't want to jeopardize himself... Proserpina needed him.

They parked their motorcycles some hundred metres afar from the wharf; they didn't want to be discovered. All of this passed in silence, no communication was needed as the teamwork had been perfected in years by trust and intuition.

ah ... I'm trying to keep it short ... but it's difficult...
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