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Points of Authority 8

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they find her - in bad shape

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Nothing was to be seen. Frustrated Julius kicked some pebbles into the water while Delilah rummaged in the bag Scarlett gave her. She found the binoculars with the anaesthetic and looked through them.

"Hey, I got something here! A racing boat, quite fancy and at fast speed!" She reached the short sight glasses over to Julius who had stopped kicking.

"We must follow him!" Julius muttered looking around frantically. His sight was caught by a pedal-boat. Quickly he took the bag and found what he had been looking for: explosives.

"No, Julius, really!" Delilah said, snatching the binoculars back.

"Observing is no use!"

She clicked a small button and a minuscule dart, formed like a torpedo, flew out of the bracket. It flew directly at the boot and apparently hit whoever had steered the boot: It slowed down.
Julius lifted Delilah from the floor and kissed her on the cheek. "You're brilliant! I love you!" and he ran over to his motorbike. "AL! AL! WE NEED A RACING BOAT! RIGHT NOW!"

"I should do more observing" Delilah told herself.

"It's like, totally in front of you. The key's in your bag." Al answered.

"I love you, Al!"

Delilah sprang onto the boat and started the engine. 'Or I could ask Julius whether he wants to marry Al ... perhaps I could be the bridesmaid... groomsmaid more likely...' Driving these thoughts off her mind she approached the other boat with Julius at the railing.

"It's him!" Julius had sighted a figure lying on the floor: golden chain, white cap, sunglasses, in short DJ Hook. Someone else was leaning over him wearing a red training suit...

"Prosper!" Julius jumped over to her while Delilah let go the anchor and did the same in the other boat not wanting to drift onto the Atlantic.

He wanted to hug her but she backed away. "Did you do that?" she said tears in her eyes, stepping up to him.

When Delilah looked up she didn't believe her eyes. What did she think she was doing?
Julius had fallen to the floor. The slap in his face hurt but not as much as her behaviour in itself. "What are you doing?"

Proserpina was at daggers drawn. "Be glad I don't have my rapier with me!" she called. In this moment Delilah was behind her grabbing her by the wrists. But DJ Hook was awake again - it had been a tiny dart after all. He took a life buoy put it over Delilah so she couldn't use her arms anymore and threw her overboard. Julius still sat there stunned.

Proserpina flung her arms around the DJ's neck. "Hey, everything's right, pumpkin" Julius heard him say. He got up instantly and knocked him out. Angry he looked at Prosper.

"What do you think you're doing? Associating with the enemy? We thought he kidnapped you! We trusted you, we ... I was in a fret! It scared the daylights out of me when I heard you were gone!" He looked at her in despair fighting back his tears.

"What's that to you? He cares about me! He kidnapped me, alright, but only because he likes me!" She blushed but one could not tell whether it came from her anger or her affection.

"But Delilah and me, we like you, too! And we're serious about it!" Julius said reaching out for her hand.

She dodged it and got up. "YOU! What do you know about being lonely! I was scared! Me, in the academy, strange and alien people around. Day in day out training, learning!"

"We thought you were feeling comfortable..." Julius said slowly not believing what he heard.

"Comfortable? Now really, do you think it comfortable to be bullied by Emmet and Ursula? NO!" Julius shook his head in agreement but this didn't settle her down at all.
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