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Points of Authority 9

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I rated it V because there's a bit more than usually - nothing to worry about though. You see: we're getting closer to the end

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"Comfortable with the last will of your parents dangling over you like the Sword of Damocles? I'm not strong enough, you should know that!" Her breathing was going rapidly and her eyes became glassy. "But with him I feel safe... he likes me, and when he's not with me I listen to his music until I calm down enough to sleep."

Julius looked into her grey bloodshot eyes. "Believe me, he only uses you... Prosper ..." he began.

"Believe you?! I hate you! You and the academy and I ... I don't know whom I can trust anymore!"

He looked at her pleadingly. "We can do this together, we can start afresh you know. This was a situation new to us ... and you seemed happy and content and ... forgive me, I should have..."

"That's no use anymore!" Her voice was hard and sharp again.

You love the things I say I'll do--
The way I'll hurt myself again just to get back at you
You take away when I give in
My life
My pride is broken

All of a sudden he realised this couldn't go on like that. He was in her grip. This was his mission. But before he could do anything Hook had gotten up again and gripped Proserpina.

"Now you gotta do something for me - darling." he said pressing her against him. She nodded silently. "Throw him overboard!" He let her go. There she stood not knowing what to do. But this didn't last for long. She approached him... sneaking up like a tiger upon his prey. He looked into her eyes. They had created a monster. She was nearly as good as Delilah ... she had talent - which she would use against him any moment. And why? Bad influence ... burrowing into work, repressing. What Delilah had said was true. Delilah! Where was she? He looked out and sighted her at about fifty metres away from their boat fighting to get the life buoy off.

He crumbled as Proserpina hit him in the stomach. He had watched too long.

You like to think you're never wrong
You want to act like you're someone
You want someone to hurt like you
You want to share what you've been through
(You live what you learn)

He couldn't fight her... it was not her fault.

He fought with her more defending than attacking. Certainly she had not stopped training in the month she had been gone. DJ Hook watched it all with a gleeful grin on his face.

"You!" Julius screamed angrily when they had fought so long and hard that they were out of breath.

"Yeah, me." Hook said attracting his attention so much that Proserpina could easily hit him with an oar around the head.

Julius did not see anything anymore ... everything went black ... he staggered just as the boat under him rolled rocking him to unconscious sleep ... but he still heard Hook's voice ringing in his ears.

"She is mine ... I changed her completely ... she is my doing and she will destroy you. But don't worry. I won't let her fall before that."

In a last attempt to turn the tables Julius blindly snatched the oar and aimed at Hook. He backed away, gripped Proserpina using her as shield. She took the oar and stemmed against Julius until he finally flagged and banged against the railing.

"Do that again!" Delilah, who had finally got rid off the life buoy, called scrambling on board and immediately slipping because of all the water on deck landing painfully on her coccyx. Her words had been needless: Prosper stood there watching in turn her hand and Julius' face screwed up in pain.

"Throw him overboard!" the DJ cried waving his right arm. The hook blinked threateningly in the sunlight and a moment later it was under Prosper's chin.

"Do as I say or you won't live long enough to see him dying."
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