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Points of Authority 10

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the mission's end

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Slowly Prosper turned to Julius who had fainted. Hook looked content and pleased with himself but then he grimaced in agony. Proserpina had driven his hook into his side.

She then sank down next to Julius. "He's not seriously injured. Trust me." Delilah said helping her up and hugging her.

Proserpina sat down looking exhausted. A second later she burst into tears. "He" she sobbed. "he was ... the ... only one who'd understand ... me" she swallowed. "He said he ... wanted to help me ... he said he was fond of me ..." she began to cry silently.

She was alone again. She had lost the best friends she ever had. She had threatened and injured Julius. She had betrayed Delilah who taught her so much. She had disappointed her parents. She had done everything wrong.

Forfeit the game/Before somebody else
Takes you out of the frame/Puts your name to shame
Cover up your face/You can't run the race
The Pace is too fast/You just won't last

Delilah watched her with sadness. She knew what she felt. How had she suffered when she once had had to knock out Julius. But first she had to contact the Academy. Al was glad everything was alright and sent the G.I.B. to the wharf. Then she bent down to take a closer look at Julius. He was a bit bruised and had a laceration but nothing more. Then she heard a rattling noise behind her and quickly got up.

Prosper stood there with a bucket of water. "I thought you could do with some..." she said biting her lips and feeling the tears filling her eyes carefully looking neither at Delilah nor at Julius.

"Thanks" Delilah said taking the bucket out of Prosper's hand placing it on the floor and as she did so Proserpina threw herself in Delilah's arms, leant on her shoulder and began to cry. She told her the whole story, every tiniest detail, told her between many sobs how she had started at the academy, how she had tried, papered over her fears and about meeting DJ Hook not knowing he was just playing with her. The bucket (and Julius) lay forgotten.

Delilah kept still and let her cry rocking her gently in her arm, murmuring words of comfort until Prosper had spent all her tears finally calming down a bit. 'She has been through too much... she never should have set a foot in the academy. It is not her fault.'

"You weren't too lucky with your protégé, were you?" sneered Ursula some time later looking at the bandage around Julius' head. They were coming back from a heartrending goodbye from Proserpina who had decided to leave.

Both of them were too sad about it to pay any regard to Ursula's comment. Silently they walked up to their rooms.

"It feels like ... losing someone who is a part of you..." Julius said.

"I know what you mean..." Delilah muttered watching the floor as if it could tell her how she could fill the empty space in her heart. "It feels like ... as if I lost ... you."

Julius looked at her. "Yeah, you're right. At least we still have us."

"And got rid off the G.I.B."

Julius' smile was back. "Yeah, and off Ursula's 'mission-comments'.".

"You know, it's like cycling or cooking, you never unlearn how to do a mission." Delilah said resting a hand on her doorknob. Julius felt like taking it and stepped closer but didn't dare to touch her hand not wanting to spoil this special moment. "If you have the right partner" he said softly looking deeply in her eyes.

Delilah felt like she could stand there with him for all eternity, looking in his eyes and their hands touching. But then ...

She cleared her throat. "Yeah, the right partner matters a lot."

Julius tried a little laugh. "Oh, yes, you're right - so, I am right, ah, we're right ... ehm, well, eh, good night." Blushing slightly in embarrassment he turned away to his room. 'She doesn't know how much she matters ...'

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