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Crawling 1

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what is real?

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Chapter 5: Crawling
What a wonderful dream. Everything seemed so real and yet she knew she was dreaming. It was too good to be true. She and Julius were standing on a high mountain after having chased all their enemies ... every single one of them was in prison now and all that was left was peace and time, much time. 'And what now?' she heard herself say to Julius. 'Oh ... there are plenty of possibilities.' A helicopter landed next to them. Delilah recognized she would wake up every second now. Pity, she would have loved to see her and Julius fly away into the sunset ... as a pair. Lazily Delilah turned over in her bed. What a wonderful morning. But then the memories came back. He had been so near... so close ...

"Good morning Lollipop."

She lay still not daring to open her eyes. This had to be wrong. This couldn't be what she thought it was. The last thing she knew was going to sleep after a mission with Julius. She was in her bed at the academy and she was sure of it. For this reason she reached under her pillow where she always kept a stun baton. And a picture of Julius. Two things no one had to know for she was not scared nor in love like a spotty teenager admiring a boy group poster.

She gripped the baton tightly.

Just when she meant to hit the doctor she heard laughter.

"Hey De, I didn't know you were afraid enough to have a weapon in your bed. I really don't want to know what else you have in there."

Julius. Of course, she should have known.

"I'd fancy you don't" Delilah said grimly sitting up.

"April Fool!" he chuckled thrusting the curtains of her room wide open. Delilah covered her eyes with one hand against the blinding light. "First of April today, I suppose?" she said.

"Yep. You know what that means?"

It was a tradition. The good part about it was that it meant they had a day off. Every first day of a month they would get this day off - if there wasn't an urgent case, therefore not often - and have a special dinner with the rest of the academy. Al would choose the order of the menu, of course.

Today would be something special. The big man loved the April Fool's day. He had chartered a sailing ship not much more than a fishing cutter. Although Nosey had tried to persuade him to change the location (he was afraid of becoming a living stink bomb once again) Al had fixed their departure with the plane at 11:30.

Every time Delilah was a bit upset she got those dimples at the corners of her mouth. Why did he always have to look at her? And this scent of her hair ... He just starred... he should definitely do something about that. Just what? One cracked a code, one defused a bomb but what to do to the one one doesn't want to lose, something so precious that every move and every word could mean its loss? Not to mention the effect a sentence like "I love you" or something likewise stupid could have on her.

Crawling in my skin
Consuming all I feel

He had to keep quiet about his feelings ... perhaps he would have a quiet mind then ... he had to concentrate. Girls...

"Morning my faves" Al greeted them. They were the first to arrive. "Ready for cooking in a galley? Nevertheless there is still something you have to keep an eye on."

"Don't worry, we're galley proof." Delilah said looking on his monitor. She let out a loud scream.
"WHAT? Ice is going to get married? To Dr. Dismay?"
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