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Crawling 2

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stalker or victim?

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hey there,
I didn't know you liked the idea of some villains getting married ... you'll see, it just was a means to an end but perhaps that's a good idea for another story ... just imagine the rows they'll have :)

Scarlett opened the door. "Oh no... he tricked me with the very same story... Al, please stop that stupid April Fool nonsense."

Reluctantly Al shoved the labtop away. "I think that would be great, man. They could, like, knock each other out or something!"

Delilah relaxed a little nevertheless resolved to fall for nothing else today. "You got more in common than you think, Julius, you and Al" she told him on the way to the plane.

"Really? I don't think I own a green bath-robe..." Julius grinned.

"Not yet, I bought one for your birthday." Julius froze. Just what Delilah had wanted. She had to strike back of course and why leave all the fun to the men? "April Fool" she whispered into his ear and they started laughing. She loved when they did.

She had got him, of course. He had known it, he even had intended to be conned by her. Her and nobody else. And now he stood here with her laughing. How much he loved it. Behind him he heard screaming.

"Kittens, you need to go back!" Scarlett moved quickly towards them. She looked amused. "It seems the villains got some humour as well." she said.

"An emergency call from Ms. Deeds" said Al when they reentered his office. Delilah snorted with laughter. "Let's see it then."

The video message was a bit blurred but one could clearly identify Ms. Deeds sitting in a damp dungeon.

"Exceeding all expectations ... that's even better than the mars she's built in her PENN-Station" Julius whistled.

Ms. Deeds brushed a strand of hair long her out of her eyes ... it looked tangled and as if not washed for a week. "Okay, you bastards in that academy", she began remorseful. "I know you feel happy about seeing me like this ... helpless, make-up-less, nearly speechless ... but you have to help me. This pseudo icon of Kertsfield kidnapped me. I don't know why ... I was watering some tulips ... a new kind of sort ones, they're worth a fortune when she got me..."

"She's got talent", Delilah commented.

"... and now I'm a prisoner in my own firm for bullet-proof silk! This little bastard ..." Ms. Deeds clenched a fist. "I'll pay her back ... but first I have to get out of here! So if you please restore my liberty I'd be really" she lowered her voice to a whisper. "thankful."

A voice sounded from outside, Ms. Deeds longed for her camera, switched it of. Black noise ...

"At least nominee for Best Filmlet I'd say" Julius said. "A bit more staging perhaps, but not bad at all..."

Laughing they set off and a little later they arrived at the boat.

"You ... never ... you never ever said it would be South-Greenland! NEVER!" said Ursula outraged her teeth chattering.

Emmet wearing his swimming trunks just looked stunned.

"Best place for fish!" Al said humming merrily as he stepped onto the boat.

Ursula was ill humoured. "No need to hum along" she snapped at Emmet who looked first nonplussed but then started to rummaging and searching in his pockets. "It's my blackberry ..." he explained hopping slightly in a feeble attempt to not lose his balance.

Ursula moaned, put her hands into the pockets of her parka and got on board knocking Emmet to the floor with her elbow so Delilah had difficulty catching him.

"Thanks" said Emmet looking up at her and lifting the phone to his ear. "Hellooo..?"

A shrill voice with a slight echo answered. "Where the hell are you?"

He straightened up. "In Greenland, madam, if you don't mind."

"I do! That's the wrong direction you would-be spies! You should be in China! Right! Now! Normally you'd have me disarmed by now! You're slower on rescue missions I fear."

Emmet hesitated. "Usually it's not me who takes you in custody, that's -"

"Sorry, we don't fall for a weak April Fool's Joke, okay?" Delilah addressed herself at Deeds - and Emmet. "Hang up." He obeyed and next minute they filled the tiny galley where Al tried to lighten the gas stove but always dropped the match too early. A small heap lay already on the floor.

"I'll give you one more try -" Scarlett began.

"- and then we can test my new flame thrower. Developed it myself." Nosey interposed reaching for his bag.

Al shrieked jumping two metres into the air, bumping his head into the low ceiling.
"Wow, like, man, cell phone!" He sprang up trying to get the vibrating mobile out of his pocket. "What?" he called.

Everyone waited in suspense. There were not many people who had Al's precious private mobile number.
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