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Crawling 3

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to help or not to help that's the question

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Al looked from one curious face to the other then switched on the loudspeakers.


"Perhaps someone misdialled?" uttered Nosey.

"Shh ... I hear something" Al said.

They heard someone get slapped in the face. A female. Then a voice rang through the speakers.

"You are of no earthly use, are you?" a Wednesday Kertsfield cried. "I thought you're expert in data theft, communication piracy and what do I know! But you even don't manage to get Julius' number! You told me you had it!"

"That was the Jerome's number!" roared Ms. Deeds back. "I can't help you. If you're not flirty enough that's your problem."

"Hm ..." they heard Wednesday say, interrupted only by some beeps that must come from some accidental pressure on the keyboard. "But you can help me ...!"

"Why should I? I don't even know what you want."

"Oh 'beep' nothing to worry about. I wanted to make up a trap for the academy but as you say you can't even find out one of their numbers ...."

Al changed a surprised look with Scarlett.

"... you'll have to help me in another way. Unless of course" she spoke slowly and threateningly. "you want to get wrapped up in your own silk cocoons..."
Ursula looked disgusted at Emmet. He checked his armpit's odour.

"Ehm ... no, I think I can do without ..." answered a voice shakily.

Kertsfield sounded pleased with herself. Very pleased. Delilah exchanged a look with Julius knowing both the triumphant smile that would have spread on the villain's face. "Then come with me. We have to rebuild your sweet factory ... but don't forget: one wrong move and BOOM!" she laughed loudly.

They heard some footsteps, the connection was interrupted. Nosey tried to look at someone but they were all deeply lost in thoughts.

"Well, kiddos, seems like you'll have a job to do." said Al.

Julius rubbed his forehead. "Perhaps they just said, they wanted to trap us so we think that if they wanted to trap us they'll don't trap us now, which they knew and made this trap to make us think they wouldn't trap us and now make up something together so they can trap us."

"As clear as mud" Emmet said.

Ursula looked as if tempted to knock him out. "It's planned, he says. They count on us saving Ms. Deeds after having convinced us that there won't be any trap though there is one. I consent. And I won't go to China."

"It's warmer there" Nosey said in a singsong.

"I - Don't - Care! You can go if you like!" she hissed at him. Nosey shrank back.

Delilah sighed. "We'll go Al."

Julius shook his head. "No, no, no. Do you seriously want save her? They'll end up knocking each other out like Al said whether they are partners now or not. We'll have this day off. And if they really are plotting we'll know sooner or later. And apart from every of those ladies not seeming to have some team spirit it's not likely they'll cause much more damage to the world."

"Than usually you mean? But this time we could get two at the price of one, think!" Delilah tried to persuade him. "And I don't like the thought of someone being threatened. Or even having to live with Kertsfield." She shuddered. "How would you feel?"

Julius looked at the floor. How did she always manage to make him do things he never really wanted?
"Alright then ... we'll save her .... yippee."

Delilah lifted him by his chin. Ursula quickly got out, saying something about having to throw up.

"But only if you want to, okay?"


A little later they were flying over Iceland and then reached the British Isles.

Julius cleared his throat. "Eh ... Delilah? Do you think Wednesday is, kind of, interested in me?"
The very thought of it made him uneasy. If Kertsfield counted on them ensuring their mission failed ... and Ms. Deeds had said something about 'flirt' ... brrrr. Perhaps it wasn't a planned wicked trap, but there could be some really wicked situations nevertheless.

"Maybe, yes" Delilah said coolly switching on the auto pilot and snatching a map.
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