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Crawling 4

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flying in the face of reason ... not what one expected

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"Maybe? That's all you have to say? I never intended to ... attract her attention or whatsoever!" He got slightly nervous. If it didn't matter to Delilah that Wednesday felt for him did he matter to her at all? Or at least, more than a partner?

Delilah sighed. Did she really have to tell him?

"Well, look at you" she said while looking for the best way to travel to Tianshan. "You're fit, you have startling blue eyes, a cute smile, a nice tan, humour, you're bright ..." she stopped seeing that Julius blushed hard. She was glad about it; he wouldn't notice her pink cheeks like that.
"Want me to continue?"

Julius pulled at the collar of his suit. "Ah, well, no ... not really. Let's change the subject. You know if Ursula's found out something about those Greeks and Kertsfield's wolves?"

"Ah, well" Delilah said, thanking God for being able to hide her head behind the map. "She did travel with Emmet to Greece and scoured the whole country for wolves and psychoanalysts and so on. Didn't find anything except conservationists complaining that wolves were robbed from their reservation. He must be from another country and redirected the calls."

"Do you think Ice could have made it up? Huskies and wolves ... perfect match?"

Delilah considered for a moment. "You mean we got a trio? Deeds, Ice and Kertsfield? No, I don't think so... Ice is too stylish to partner Kertsfield."

Julius laughed. "We don't have to do all the work for Ursula and Emmet anyway. Let's just relax a bit." he said and pressed a red button.

All of a sudden everything went black. "Julius! What did you do? That was the button to switch the engine off!"

Fear is how I fall
Confusing what is real

He admitted it. He was afraid. Some last minute panic had overwhelmed him, something extraordinary had to be done. Times were unsure these days and the feeling of not knowing whether there would be a tomorrow for ... anyway, he wanted to decide something as important as this himself. It was worth a try. Sighing he managed to get over to Delilah's seat in the darkness - but she wasn't there anymore.


A horrible second later the lights flared up again. Delilah stood in the door at the light switch as pale as the moon which was visible through a window. "Why didn't we crash? Everything seems alright..." she said slowly, looking around then stopped. "Those are definitely too many jokes for one day, Julius." The door had opened. She could see a long oaken table, a set oaken table with flowers on it.

"I changed some polarities when we had to go" Julius mumbled. "As compensation because we'll miss dinner with Al."

She smiled at him and her rumbling stomach only intensified the feeling of how sensitive, caring and creative her partner was.

At this very moment Julius' blackberry rang. "It's Nosey" he said. "Hey there!"

Delilah watched him hoping nothing serious had happened.

"Hello? Nosey, is that you?" Julius asked sounding a bit like an idiot.

"Hang up..." he muttered looking at Delilah in astonishment then dialling the spy's number.

"Nosey? Why did you hang up?

What? You didn't call me? There was your number on the display!

Ah, okay, I understand. What's Ursula muttering in the background?

Al wants to make sushi? With a shark he's fishing?

No, mate, I got no clue whether there is a McDonalds in Greenland... okay, bye then."

He strode over to the table and lit the candles. "I'm so glad there is this high-tech auto pilot" he said smiling and, gentleman, adjusting the chair for her.

never mind if this story is a bit, let us say, 'unusual'. I experimented around a little but in the end it'll make sense, I promise
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