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Crawling 5

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getting closer

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Dinner was great. They joked, they had time and Delilah seemed completely relaxed - a rare thing. How tempting was the thought of having a normal life ... being able to eat together every day in peace ... but no, Ms. Deeds had managed to get herself kidnapped by someone as stupid as Kertsfield.

There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface

All of a sudden he felt nervous, started fidgeting with his fork until it finally fell to the floor.

"Whoops" he said bending under the table to pick it up. Silence fell, interrupted by Delilah's blackberry. "It's Al. Why don't they let us have dinner in peace ..." Delilah sighed.

Yes, sure ... but don't you think it's a bit late for that? No? You'll have to wait some time ... I don't know how long this will take ... Okay then. Bye!" She put it aside.

"Al wants us to import some rice to Greenland", she grinned.

Finally - or much too early for Julius' liking - they arrived. They had landed near an extensive forest in whose middle stood - hard to fail notice - 'Ms. Deed's silk factory'.

"That's been easy ... too easy." Julius muttered to Delilah. They walked round the factory and decided to hide for a while in the undergrowth. Having checked everything for traps, mines and the likes of pleasant things they were astounded to find themselves dangling in a net that had sprang up from the ground.

"That's such a cliché" said Delilah starting to force the way through the ropes with her Swiss Army knife. She got out first then wanted to help Julius out of the shaky wobbling net. She didn't stand a chance. About twenty of Ms. Deeds' kimono-wearing ladies had encircled them. As Julius wanted to jump out and help her he fell through one mesh and got entangled when he wanted to free himself. Fuming with rage about him he tried to laser his way out and fell on the ground stabbed slightly by a twig in his back.

As he looked around he recognized that the geishas had left and taken Delilah with her. Wondering why he had been left behind he took up the chase following the faint scent of jasmine.

"Even your jackals are just a bunch of mole-eyed duds!", Kertsfield shrieked feeling the anger rising in her. She definitely had to talk to her psychoanalyst about it. "The task is simple and what do they do? They get me that Delilah!"

"Firstly: they are highly trained ninjas, secondly they got us that Delilah, and thirdly they got her on purpose." Ms. Deeds wasn't able to decide whether she should sigh or shout at this fledgling. Never again working with amateurs ... you could as well ask a chick to make a scrambled egg for you. But she didn't have a chance ... Kertsfield had somehow managed to put and hide one of her highly efficient lipstick bombs in her factory ...

Delilah who had stopped struggling in vain against the cuffs by which she hang from the - thank god, low - ceiling, standing on tip-toe she had at least some support. "So, it was a trap, wasn't it?"

"In a way, yes, Delilah, Ms. Deeds" said Kertsfield allowing herself a smile and nodding from one woman to the other. "In fact, it was a trap how I got you, Ms. Deeds" she explained grinning even broader. "Of course I didn't want to break into the Academy Communication Center ... that Scarlett-woman is not only expert in style but also in high-tech. I didn't want to take a risk ... but I trapped you. I could persuade you that we had to get rid of the two spies first. You then helped me to trap them. With a trap I didn't want to use as a trap because you noticed I had trapped you ..."

"STOP IT!" Delilah cried. Everyone looked at her. "Hm... brain's tingling...", she said in excuse.

"But now, what purpose has Delilah here?" Kertsfield questioned Ms. Deeds.
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