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Crawling 6

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big surprise: a trap!

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"Isn't it better if Julius comes on his own account? We could make a deal. And it will all be very emotional. Very", she made a pause for effect. "dramatic."

The plan was of course kind of stupid. But after all, her ninjas had been too preoccupied with Delilah to take another high-trained spy with them ... and this theatrical idea might distract Wednesday from the thought to keep her locked up. And what is more, she needed some time for a shower - and it would take some time for Julius to arrive ... she couldn't blame Kertsfield for wanting him. He did look good.

Wednesday smiled a malicious grin. "I like that" she said and laughed in her shrill voice.

'This is a nightmare' Julius thought, running around looking for the easiest way into the building. 'It can't be anything else ... it's just so illogical...' He stopped. Something mingled with the sweet scent ... the smell of singed hair ...
Speeding along the factory he noticed just in time a flagpole with the likeness of Ms. Deeds blowing in the wind. Perhaps he'd be able to grip it ...


... and climb it and get from there to the roof?

'Yeah!" he cried scrambling onto the flat roof.

"You're so mean! This will lead him here!" Delilah screamed. They trapped Julius again ... and there was nothing she could do. All that nonsensical I trap you you trap me we trick everyone. What could you believe anymore? She felt so helpless. A tap came from an upper window.

She looked around. Kertsfield took a childish enthusiastic interest in making some hairs shrivel up - Delilah's hairs she had ripped out but at least her head wasn't on fire - and Ms. Deeds had said something about having to have a shower ... well, she hadn't looked to good lately. Then she glanced to the window. It was Julius. At first she did not know whether to be happy or scared for him but then she tried to give him a sign to go away.

In vain. The next moment the window crashed, Julius roped himself down, ran over to Delilah.
He didn't know that a hardly visible net of silky ropes lay on the floor, springing up when touched ...

But with his long legs he sprang easily over it and closed his arms around Delilah. "You okay?" he muttered hastily trying to get her cuffs off.

"Yes, but we need to get out of here really quickly because ..." Delilah wanted to say but stopped as he hugged her again.
Her hair always smelled wonderful, how did she do that? If he was not in a villain's lair ... maybe he would have had found the courage to tell her how he felt ... wait one sec, villain's lair?

"We need to be of" he said and set off the same way he had come. Unluckily the net didn't miss his destination this time ... Delilah and J... - but no he was already too far, his foot got caught but he managed to scramble out.

The net was hanging high now... she would break her neck if she fell down. Apparently this was what Kertsfield had been waiting for.

"One always can get you ... one of you two is always stupid enough to fall into the trap." Julius clenched his fists. "And that's why I produce this huge number of traps! I didn't really need Ms. Deeds to trap you ... but as I could trap her so easily I thought she might be useful. That's so much fun!" she laughed again.

Julius didn't mind whose trap was whose trap and whether the trap had not been a trap because the trapper had been trapped. All he knew was that Wednesday could take a running jump. And that he would never again trust a villain because what they did was evil, whether intended or not.

"So you wanted to get me, yes?" Julius said.

Kertsfield nodded. "Yes, my beautiful. But you never seem to want to hang around with me a lot. So perhaps we can make a little deal?"

"What deal?" Julius said, suspiciously screwing up one eyebrow.

"She can go, you stay."

"No way!"

Kertsfield slowly turned, pulling a hypodermic needle out of her pocket, injecting something into her own veins. She seemed to change ...

Perhaps it was a good idea to stay ... Delilah would soon be back with reinforcements and he could work out what the two ladies were up to.
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