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Crawling 7

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letting the cat out of the bag

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Delilah paced up and down in Julius' room when Scarlett and Al came in.

"Still lit with fever?" Scarlett asked sitting on a chair next to the bed.

"Lit? He's burning! 39.9°C..." Delilah said.

"If it keeps raising he'll have to go to hospital ...", Al said.

"No! You know Julius wouldn't like that. I wonder where he caught this... stupid April weather..." Delilah said walking over to the window. It was raining.

"Kitten, perhaps it would be better for him ... and for you, you look ... worn out."

Delilah stroke through her hair, sleeplessness written all over her face. "He keeps having these delirious ravings ... he cries and mutters in his sleep, Kertsfield is tracking him down or something."

Scarlett patted her shoulder, nodding sympathetically. "I know what you mean. Al always dreams about having no snack anymore... this seems a bit more serious. I'll be back in an hour and take the next shift. You'll have to get some sleep, dear."

Delilah nodded, to weary to protest. But as the two of them got out she could have sworn Al saying something about having no rice being an important problem. She took Julius' burning hand stopping dead when she heard him crying her name.



She looked down from the net. He could hardly recognize her face.

"I'm staying, you go!" he cried at the top of his lungs so she could understand him.

"NO!" she cried but too late, the net slowly moved across the factory hall and out despite Delilah's fighting.

Kertsfield seemed to have become more ... attractive... her short blond hair seemed longer and shining, her curvy figure graceful and fit at the same time. And her hair smelled a little.

"So ... Julius" Wednesday said approaching him. "you ...ehm ... think you don't like me?" she played with her hair.

He knew he should simply take the cuffs and catch Kertsfield with them ... he should but he couldn't do it. He was paralyzed starring at her like a rabbit starring at a snake. She would be his death. But she was so seducing ...

The lack of Self-Control I fear is never-ending

Suddenly a thought struck him. He knew that smell, this fragrance ... it was definitely Delilah's! But there had been something else in this needle ... making his hormones act up and making this thought strike him only very, very slowly. He simply stood there not knowing what to do.

Miss Deeds watched all of this from her cell, a cocoon, in fact, which offered at least some comfort. Wednesday had again locked her up. Never again with fledglings... or at least with aphrodisiacs-producing fledglings ... this was going a bit too far, even for Deeds' liking.

I can't seem
To find myself again
My walls are closing in

He saw Wednesday stepping nearer... 'I love Delilah' he told himself. It wasn't a comforting thought but it helped to not lose touch with reality. This was Kertsfield... everything seemed to blacken ... he fought hard feeling pearls of sweat running down his front making his eyes water.

Without a sense of confidence and I'm convinced
That there's just too much pressure to take

Wednesday apparently had noticed it, too. "Sweat becomes you" she said in a low voice. "Despite the tears it looks really - masculine." She grinned again. How he loathed it. He blinked and all of a sudden he found it looked quite charming.

I've felt this way before
So insecure

He was completely confused. He had to get out of here, quickly. When he made for the exit the twenty ninjas blocked his way.

"We have a deal!" Kertsfield's voice boomed through the factory. "You'll be my voluntary slave - for evermore!"

And at the sound of her voice he felt like pulled back by an invisible force - which was him and he could not fight it. Just this thought kept him from losing his nerves... he belonged to Delilah.

Discomfort, endlessly has pulled itself upon me


Uneasy Delilah watched Julius wriggling in his sleep. If something did not happen soon, she would have to call a doctor no matter what he'd say about it. His pulse was running fast and his front was covered with sweat. She went over to the sink to make some fresh wrap around his calves and his forehead and coming back she heard Julius' unusually weak voice saying her name. It killed her to see him like that knowing how uncomfortable he must feel. She leant over to him.
"I'm with you."

okay, now I hope everythings becoming clear...
First of all I wanted to write this story in stream of consciousness style but that was really confusing so I changed.

I only put the "~" in to make clear when reality ends and fever begins ...
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